Thursday, August 8, 2013

A day of rest in the live of a golfer - how important is it to rest when you practice and play a lot of golf?

Extremely important. After weeks of full power play and practice which I topped of with some physical work, my legs and muscles finally told me to give them a day. So I did. I pretty much did not move much today. Only my fingers on this computer were busy. Writing reviews, articles, emails and so on. All while watching the PGA tournament. I think if I get a good night sleep I am ready to go back on the range and practice green. I will make it a light practice.
90 minutes in the short game area. 1 hour putting and then a small bucket to keep my driver and long irons in good feel. I feel great and my confidence is growing by the day. I believe, that so far , we did everything right. Did not overdue it, did not make any wrong decisions in terms of equipment or play. Just going slowly buy surely. One of the key challenges remains the same though. Sponsorship and other income through my work online. Despite working hard, I find it tough to get enough hours in working in reviews and writing. I believe that it has partly to do with age. With 45 I am still full of energy and have plenty of power. Yet, I think if I would be 25 I probably could work a full time job and still get it all done. But, I am not 25, so I have to work with what I have here. One thing I learned over the past months is, that my physical fitness is only a small % of what makes me play good golf. As a matter of fact. I gained weight and yet I am getting better and better. My game is at a point where I am with confidence shoot 70s and low 70s on any given course at any given time. Naturally I have some bad rounds in it, but that is life and golf. There was a time period where I was convinced, that in order to play my best golf, I need to be 100 % athlete. I was wrong. Check out the history of golf. Check out the tournament winners and the players today. You will be surprised who is playing well and who does not. It pretty much comes down to a few things. Most important, mental fitness. You got to believe that you can do it. Each shot, each round , each day , each tournament. You need to be 100 % convinced that  you have a shot at winning and progressing. I have that. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that I am able to win tournaments and play great golf. Also you need to have great work ethics and I have that. Anyway. I watched the PGA tournament and it is actually helpful. I have some of my favorite players out there. When you watch the tour and see guys in their 40s playing well and how they go around the course, that helps to build up confidence and believe as well. Anyway, it was good to rest and tomorrow we move on , get ready and see that will be able to play a good round of golf.

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