Friday, August 16, 2013

4 1/2 months to go , to reach scratch golf and be ready for first pro tournament

How time flies by. For the past 7 1/2 months I was working as hard as I was able too to work on my game and on setting up a system and team to reach the goal. I must say, that in terms of golf I am very satisfied. We made huge progress. Mostly through practice, but also through new equipment and new mindset. By far I did not reach the daily routine I would like to have , yet. However, I am getting close. Daily practice following a plan, daily work on advertising myself and writing on the internet and daily conversations with team members are already in place. I am pleased with my results and also with my attitude and display of desire and passion. This truly will help to get more team members on board over time. Which that is one of the greatest challenges. But for most of these future sponsors, team members and supporters, results are the key to join and to start to believe. Unlike me and some others who truly believe in our mission without question, those additional people need to be earned with performance and success. Gaining someone's trust to join a business operation for profit is difficult and yet , that is exactly what I need to accomplish. There is 4 1/2 months left in this running year. Those months will complete the 365 day circle of my project and the next months and weeks will be not only exciting and fun but also full of work, challenges and events. All of this is good and I love every minute of it. So today, playing my first round in FL after a couple weeks away, I am excited to get out. I can not wait to get my clubs in my hands and play against the course. Beating par is the goal, nothing else. Play good, have fun. You ever had the feeling in the morning, that  you can not wait to get up and do what  you will do? Well this is how I feel. I can not wait to hit my first tee shot, roll my first putt. Warm up on the range and chat with friends. As a matter of fact, just being on the range and around the clubhouse already makes me feel better.
With almost 2/3 of the year gone, my feelings got stronger and my believe bigger. Funny how that works. When I worked in the corporate world, it was exactly opposite. After being excited about my job, it slowed down. My passion got weaker and my excitement disappeared. But now I am just talking along. I will get ready and go and you surely will hear about it once I am done.

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