Friday, August 30, 2013

Another rained out golf game in Sarasota

Today's game was cancelled because of rain and Bobby Jones being unplayable. That was disappointing , but there is nothing we can do about it. Weather is weather :). I decided to go and practice for a few hours. So I drove over to Terra Ceia Bay Golf  and put in some short game work. I have to say that my GW is getting better by the day. I am using it around the green more often. Compared to my PW I seem to have more control in terms of distance. I prefer to fly the ball towards the hole and let it role out. With my PW I have to much role and often am too long and ending up way past the pin. Also I seem to get more spin with that club. I like that. It give me more feel. LW and SW are all good and I am now working on getting the exact distances charted. This will take a while. I will need some good greens and that is hard to find around here. Terra Ceia has one of them, but it has not one level spot for longer chips. We will see how it works out. Warmed up with some wedges and 5 irons. Looked good to me, although I am still too tight with my grip. I am working on it. Secondly on my left hand. Per Jack I need to make sure that the back of my hand is pointing to the target. I often am to strong with my left hand which results in many shots going left. However, it worked out good today with my irons. Also I had some good rhythm in the end.

Last 15 balls I went on to play my driver. Again I am watching my hand and my rhythm especially while taking the club away. Doing both those things resulted in long and straight drives. Nice ball flight. That was it. Then I went back for some more chips and finally I ended up in the trap.

Only 5 balls I hit and all of them were on target. It is really simple. Just keep the rhythm going. Slow is better and work on getting a thump. I am very satisfied and feel great. I am excited to go to Lake Venice tomorrow and play a good round. Hope the weather is holding up and we will stay dry for a change.

Goal again is tomorrow to play no double bogey, best no bogey and make a few birdies on the long holes for skins. I can not see any reason why I should not accomplish that.

In terms of tournaments I am working on a schedule. There is the Manatee Open coming up, a charity event and maybe a few more. Big goal is to play the Long Boat Key Open on the West Florida Tour. This will be one of 2 bigger events which will show where I am really standing at this point. Playing with the pros is the only way to do so. Goal will be to make the cut and play on the weekend. Best Amateur in the field. No doubt I can do it. Just a matter of working hard and being there.

My golf is getting more and more organized. I got rid of so many things which were holding me back mentally. It feels nice. Paperwork, some work , some other stuff. Feels great. I am also more and more excited about writing.

The golf review blog is developing nicely and I am working hard on my goal to write 1000 reviews and then keep them updated. Always adding.

Next and best of all will be the Pro Golf News Blog. There I will write and post from pro tours from all over the World. This will be exciting. I am not sure if most people are aware of how many professional golf tours are really out there.

Check out the review blog and sign up.

I will get some rest now and mentally play the golf course one time. This is a known technique to develop a good game plan.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting ready for 4. Days of golf

Yesterday I had a good practice session at Terra Ceia Golf. Did about 200 Chips and lobs, 20 driver shots, a good few 3 woods, hybrids and wedges. The goal was to work on my tee off. I have 4 days of golf in front of me. Hurt my back a little, but I will keep it simple today. First I have to work. Then we will see how it goes. Can not wait to play full time and for tomorrow

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A quiet day at home - regain strength and get some rest

Today really was a slow day in terms of golf and physical practice. I stayed home all day. Did some work around the house and worked on organizing my golf stuff. I have to many things I do not use or need and those need to go. I am not sure what it is, but I seem to take pencils from every golf course. I will work on not doing that and just bring them back to the club house. Usually they end up in the good will box every month. But I am not even sure if they can use them.
Also I have too many golf tees I never use and will not use. Why would I use a golf tee with a company logo on it which I do not get paid for? So I have golf tees with my own logo. All the others will go away. To many divot repair tools as well. I am using like 2 or 3 different pieces I like. Why I have all the other ones? No idea. So they go as well. Last I put away all the balls I am not playing . I started playing the Wilson Staff Duo in Yellow. It is a great ball. Now I am in the process of changing all my practice balls into this one ball. It does not make any sense to use different balls for practice. It is unavoidable on the range. But there the balls are consistent ( at least most of the time). So all the other balls go into a bag and go into the family bag. I am playing new balls for about 2 rounds and then they go into the tube, the cage and the chipping net.
My next step is to sell some more clubs and give the rest away. Bring back a golf bag from a company I worked for and I am almost all organized. If I can get it done the way I like, I will be able to practice inside. And I mean every swing with irons and maybe even a hybrid. No driver or 3 wood though. Not sure yet how I am going to put that together.
Still thinking about the putting area in the back, but still not sure how to get it done. Also need the roof for the net and a flat ground area to put the hitting matt. With this little space , it is not that easy to get it done and we are no further to expand. Tomorrow I am back in regular routine. 3 hour practice at Terra Ceia. Main target area: Driver yet again. I am getting more accurate all the time, but I am still not confident enough and long enough. Before I work on that I will do a good session of short game shots around the green. That is my favorite to do and I need to be in my best shape for next Saturday at Lake Venice. One of the things I will do on Thursday is work with my three wood and hybrid for the long par 3s. There is plenty of money on those holes and I need to get there without much effort.
I will close out my practice with about 30 min putting. I am happy with my putting and do not need to work on much . Just keep the feel going and make sure I am set up right. My set up is the key. If I am doing the right thing with my set up , I am doing really well. The biggest challenge remains the same. How to practice and play every day exclusively and without interruption. The only way to go to the next level. My goal to reach par at any championship course is getting closer and closer and I have no doubt, that at the end of September I will be there. Then I have about 3 more months to get my handicap below 2. Huge step and the most difficult of all of them.
Today I learned that Riegger , who won on the champions tour last weekend, qualified for the Champions Tour through the tour. On which he won a tournament. Amazing. I need to read up his story and learn from that. It seems, there is yet another door and opportunity for me to get where I want to be. For now I will get some rest and look forward to my day tomorrow. Well , at least for the afternoon on the range :) .

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lake Venice Skins Game and another day of working on my game

Yesterday I had some fun at Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota. Unfortunately the round was stopped because of tropical rain and storm. To bad. I was on the way to shot a very low one. However, I still made some $ for a skin. Today we drove out to Lake Venice Golf. I like this course. Right on the beach. Not easy and pretty long.
I was not able to get my rhythm going. My driver just did not get out there. Every time I was getting ready I did not feel 100 % comfortable. No idea what that was. Same counts for the second shots. I worked my way through this round as good as I can and made some good pars. Had good putts, good chips, 1 good drive, good approach shots and some very good 3 woods. However, bunker play was horrible and par 3s were a disaster. Did not hit one single green. Lucky that I had my putting. That saved me plenty of trouble and also my shots from 100 yards in where good. Had an interesting challenge laying against the fence towards the airport. I selected the putter with the goal to set up with my back to the target and advance it as much as I can. I moved it about 40 yards and actually gave myself a shot at the green from 230, but hit a tree on the way and came up short. Settled for a bogey. Yet another bogey.. In that case, the shot with the putter was great though.
So it was not all that bad, but certainly not a money maker. Rounds like that show how far I am away although I am so close. I need more practice and play and need to get more rest in between days. Questions is , how can I get this done? Tough questions. I begin to see , how much more I need to invest and work. So , back to the drawing board and develop a more comprehensive plan.
I think what really is a good thing, is that no matter what situation I am in, I am working on the situation at hand and try to hit my best shot. No complaints, no anger, no excuses. This is huge and will move me forward faster. Tomorrow is resting day. Main work will be online writing and fund locations through sponsors and sales. Suggestions are welcome at any time. Next round should have been the Ritz Carlton, but I am not sure if I will be able. So , shoot out on Monday and then practice towards Lake Venice yet again. A match, which not only is fun, tough but also has some $ to be won if you have a few good shots. Got to work harder, do more and create more excitement around me. I think this will catapult us even more forward. Tomorrow I start working at home with my smash bag and net. Also I need to find out how I can find a simulator for home to spend more time on my game. Any ideas here?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are 2 days without full practice hurting my game badly?

Well, there we have it. Two days of rain , thunder and bad timing cost me time on the range. This is where the simulator comes in. But, I do not have one LOL. So. Practice at home is on the agenda. There is great ways to work on certain aspects of the game. Chipping, putting and full swings. Also I am the proud owner of a smash bag and if the rain is gone I can go  and use the practice area in the back of the yard and work with my Swingbyte. It might not be ideal , but at least I can stay in touch with my feel and rhythm and even work on some things. All to be ready tomorrow and Saturday. There is not much more then the best one can do , to get things done. One difficult issue is extra work, which I was doing in between. This physical work I am doing besides all others has a rough impact on my back. Not good. I am out for at least 2 hours every time I do that. However, I do believe that my physical condition is not perfect and if it would be a little better, I would not have any problems with that. There is interesting weeks coming on to me. I need to stay on top of my work and practice. Things are getting better and I do not want to make another step backwards. That would be really tough. So I will keep playing Fridays and Saturdays at the skins events and then try to fit in bigger tournaments. The shoot out on Monday does not count. It is only 2 hours, but great practice. I might get into some other tournaments during the week, depending if I can.
The West Florida AM Tour will start in December and I certainly will take advantage of the schedule there. Great tracks for good practice. Even though those are smaller events with not as much $, the people are great and the courses are championship clubs. So that will help me to learn how to navigate better through tough tracks. The biggest event will be at Innisbrook in Tampa with the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. A 2 day tournament on two top courses for which I will work hard to make it a great finish this year. But that is long out. Meanwhile there is plenty of work to do. Practice, keep building a team, raise funds and find sponsors and much more. That will keep me busy :). But I love every moment of it and it is great to feel, that you do what  you really want and like. Funny how other things become meaningless along the line and new things more important.
Ok, now back to work. Need to get some good sleep so I can shoot good tomorrow.
Oh, the answer is : As a beginner 2 days might have a bigger impact. In cases like mine, there might be an impact , but by far smaller and easier to overcome. So for me I will give it a no in terms of badly.

Friday, August 16, 2013

4 1/2 months to go , to reach scratch golf and be ready for first pro tournament

How time flies by. For the past 7 1/2 months I was working as hard as I was able too to work on my game and on setting up a system and team to reach the goal. I must say, that in terms of golf I am very satisfied. We made huge progress. Mostly through practice, but also through new equipment and new mindset. By far I did not reach the daily routine I would like to have , yet. However, I am getting close. Daily practice following a plan, daily work on advertising myself and writing on the internet and daily conversations with team members are already in place. I am pleased with my results and also with my attitude and display of desire and passion. This truly will help to get more team members on board over time. Which that is one of the greatest challenges. But for most of these future sponsors, team members and supporters, results are the key to join and to start to believe. Unlike me and some others who truly believe in our mission without question, those additional people need to be earned with performance and success. Gaining someone's trust to join a business operation for profit is difficult and yet , that is exactly what I need to accomplish. There is 4 1/2 months left in this running year. Those months will complete the 365 day circle of my project and the next months and weeks will be not only exciting and fun but also full of work, challenges and events. All of this is good and I love every minute of it. So today, playing my first round in FL after a couple weeks away, I am excited to get out. I can not wait to get my clubs in my hands and play against the course. Beating par is the goal, nothing else. Play good, have fun. You ever had the feeling in the morning, that  you can not wait to get up and do what  you will do? Well this is how I feel. I can not wait to hit my first tee shot, roll my first putt. Warm up on the range and chat with friends. As a matter of fact, just being on the range and around the clubhouse already makes me feel better.
With almost 2/3 of the year gone, my feelings got stronger and my believe bigger. Funny how that works. When I worked in the corporate world, it was exactly opposite. After being excited about my job, it slowed down. My passion got weaker and my excitement disappeared. But now I am just talking along. I will get ready and go and you surely will hear about it once I am done.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Suncoast Golf Center Short game practice

WA State was successful. Played good golf, did good practice and made great connections. Yesterday we arrived in Orlando, FL. Super early. Dro. ve back home right away. After a little rest I decided to go and play in the shoot out at the Suncoast Golf Center. A nice little thing. About 6 to 10 very good golfers getting together and playing this par 3 course for skins. At 10 $ each entry , it is something we all can do and 18 holes for 10 $. Now that is a deal. I was tired , but I needed the practice and the exercise. Had a good time. Never got my irons to full potential, but was able to get a couple birdies which one resulted in a skin I won. Had some good putts, which missed by a hair and some good chips as well as one good bunker shot. I think I would have saved all pars. Last 4 holes were difficult. Really got tired there. It was important to go. So even when tired I can play well and more important, it shows my determination even more. There is just nothing else I want to do. Today we are back to practice. Goal for today is to putt all my scores in the system and then wok 2 hours on short game. 1 hour I will spend with my swing analyzer working on woods and long irons. Need to be ready for Friday. The Bobby Jones Skins Group is an important measure for me. Playing well in this group gives you a little idea where you stand. There is some great golfers there and beating them on their home course is a good accomplishment. Also there is some $ to be earned. My goal on this course was to shot my first under par round by the end of September. . No doubt, I will make it. The way things are going I am right on track.
Office work is also on the list today. The past weeks I did not work on paperwork and admin work. It is all a little bit much and usually that is not part of the golfer. But, there is no accountant yet and so it falls back on me. I do not mind doing all that. Just takes time which could be used otherwise. I am looking forward to one day have it set up with one of those scanners LOL. Scan it, mark it, put it away and have a report at the end of the year.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A day of rest in the live of a golfer - how important is it to rest when you practice and play a lot of golf?

Extremely important. After weeks of full power play and practice which I topped of with some physical work, my legs and muscles finally told me to give them a day. So I did. I pretty much did not move much today. Only my fingers on this computer were busy. Writing reviews, articles, emails and so on. All while watching the PGA tournament. I think if I get a good night sleep I am ready to go back on the range and practice green. I will make it a light practice.
90 minutes in the short game area. 1 hour putting and then a small bucket to keep my driver and long irons in good feel. I feel great and my confidence is growing by the day. I believe, that so far , we did everything right. Did not overdue it, did not make any wrong decisions in terms of equipment or play. Just going slowly buy surely. One of the key challenges remains the same though. Sponsorship and other income through my work online. Despite working hard, I find it tough to get enough hours in working in reviews and writing. I believe that it has partly to do with age. With 45 I am still full of energy and have plenty of power. Yet, I think if I would be 25 I probably could work a full time job and still get it all done. But, I am not 25, so I have to work with what I have here. One thing I learned over the past months is, that my physical fitness is only a small % of what makes me play good golf. As a matter of fact. I gained weight and yet I am getting better and better. My game is at a point where I am with confidence shoot 70s and low 70s on any given course at any given time. Naturally I have some bad rounds in it, but that is life and golf. There was a time period where I was convinced, that in order to play my best golf, I need to be 100 % athlete. I was wrong. Check out the history of golf. Check out the tournament winners and the players today. You will be surprised who is playing well and who does not. It pretty much comes down to a few things. Most important, mental fitness. You got to believe that you can do it. Each shot, each round , each day , each tournament. You need to be 100 % convinced that  you have a shot at winning and progressing. I have that. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind, that I am able to win tournaments and play great golf. Also you need to have great work ethics and I have that. Anyway. I watched the PGA tournament and it is actually helpful. I have some of my favorite players out there. When you watch the tour and see guys in their 40s playing well and how they go around the course, that helps to build up confidence and believe as well. Anyway, it was good to rest and tomorrow we move on , get ready and see that will be able to play a good round of golf.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gold Mountain Golf Complex - Golf Marathon and more

Yes it has been a while since I was able to sit down and write, but the days are getting shorter. So much to do. Work , travel, play , practice, work, play , practice and so on. After months of waiting we finally made it to WA. Primarily to help family with some work I was planning to play 3 tournaments. However, after thinking about it, I took one tournament out of my schedule. There is a small tour, Joergensen Golf Tour, which I like to play. Great players on very good golf courses. I had a great finish at the Ritz Carlton Members Club and was pretty motivated. When we got here I went to work right away and practiced at one of my all time favorite courses, Harbor Point Golf Club. I used to play there often. Great track and in excellent shape. But I just used the practice area. You can read a review about it soon, so I will not go into detail. I spend 80 % of my time around the chipping and pitching area and then was putting. Just one bucket on that range. They want 10 $ for 70 balls and that is a little much I think. After doing my short game practice I went over to Columbia Driving Range and did a 150 ball bucket with total focus on getting my driver straight and it worked. After a very good session I was ready for the upcoming 36 hole in one day golf marathon.
Last Saturday we then played Gold Mountain Golf Complex. First the Cascade course. A nice course, not that toughest but in good shape and with great views. Had a tough start because I did not know the course, but played myself to a 78. 5 over on front and 3 over on back. Had good opportunities for more birdies, but just could not convert. My driver was no good at all. I did not hit many fairways and became a little concerned for the next 18 on the much tougher Olympic Course. But my short game is in such great shape, that I can make any round decent.
We got lucky and it was not too hot out there. That made the first 18 not that difficult. At about 2 pm we then started the second round on the Olympic Course of the Gold Mountain Golf complex. Much more difficult golf course. I started out with a great straight and long drive and got off to a good start with a par. From there on I played well. My drives were much better. Yet I had some challenges with the rough which cost me some strokes and missed a couple birdie putts. Had to take yet another 5 over on the front for a 41. That left me with a good task on the back. My goal this weekend was to play 2 rounds in the 70s on this course, even knowing that the second 18 will be tough. After playing for 4 1/2 hours on the first 18 and with the heat coming in. On the back 9 I put all my focus into hitting this fairways and putting approach shots on in regulation and I did just that. Started with a great birdie on 10 and then worked my way through the course. Just trying to get on give myself an opportunity. I got a little fatigue at about 15. 16 I had a great drive. I had a tough approach with lots of water to the left and front. I could not settle my mind for this shot. So I played it to the right of the green to be safe. That cost me a bogey and probably some money. I followed up with very good par on 17, which was another birdie chance and moved to 18 with birdie in mind. This is a 247 yard drivable par 4. But, there is trouble every where. A group of deep and scary bunkers which are not easy to get out of. Water, bushes, trees. Scary tee shot. First I thought I will go for it, but then I took the driver and went with a little safety punch to the left fairway. Perfect shot. I wanted about 100 yards for the approach but got 112. I was fine with that. Since I could not see the pin  I walked all the way to the green to look for my landing area. The pin was in a collection area to the back of the green. Just in front of it was a little mount. The idea was to land it there and let it roll to the pin. I went with a 9 iron with the idea to punch it with little spin. I executed the shot perfectly and left myself a 4 foot birdie putt. That I missed!. Again, I simply had mental fatigue. After 9 hours of straight golf. This putt cost me at least 100 $. Not too much, but enough. Short a 79 on the Olympic course. I was not unhappy about it. My goal was to make it through 9 hours of golf and shoot in the 70s 2 times. I accomplished both goals. I got one skin and one closest to the pin and I beat the pro by 3 strokes gross and net. Which that made some cash as well. It was a great experience.
Sunday I had to take a day off playing. Resting my body after that marathon. Into the new week I started with practice and I played a round at Wayne Golf Course. An old and short course I know for many years. Not an easy track , but a nice one and it was in good shape for what it is. Shot a 69 ( 4 over par) . I was not thrilled with that. I was under par for the most part but had to take a double bogey on 17. Just made a couple bad decisions and missed a few birdie opportunities. But again, I was satisfied. Played well and navigate the ball with confidence. Drove 2 par 4s. One 246 and one 257. Both I made par, which was disappointing, but still, I gave myself a chance. I will play this course again today and see what we can do there. This will be my practice for the day. Last week I also played Avalon Golf Links. A course up north on which I will play a tournament this coming Saturday. Shot a 77 on that one in my practice round.
Over all I feel great. Shooting consistently in the 70s and low 70s. I am moving forward. My confidence level is going up. My new golf clubs feel wonderful and I am having fun. Once we have an even better set up for finances, travel etc I have no doubt I will be on my way to the goal and I might reach it earlier then I planned. Take work out of the equation and put the focus which is now partly on keeping the operation going also into the golf game, there is no way to stop me. Sounds over confident? Oh well, it might, but I feel that way and that is what counts in the end. I will try to be a little more communicative this week again. Thank you for reading :) and all the support.