Thursday, July 11, 2013

TPC Tampa - Golf Tournament hosted by Golf Channel Amateur Tour and then some thoughts

It has been a little while since I wrote a little longer, but here I am. My last tournament I played on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour was probably some time in 2012, but I am not even sure. Mainly because I did not do that well and because I got busy working on other tournaments and things. Fact is, that this tour is by far the closest to the Pro Tour. Well organized, stroke play, great prizes, time stamps with penalties and you even get announced on the tee box.

So I am excited to be a member of this tour again and my first tournament is a good one right away. The TPC Tampa hosted great tournaments including the Outback Steakhouse Senior event. A tough and well known course.

I have never played it before, so I will rely on my pinseeker, google earth, yardage guide, a good game plan and my ability to execute the shots with my new clubs. I know I can do it and so I am confident that I will play a great round of golf. There is plenty of $ to be won and I am planning on doing just that. A review of the course and the tour will follow soon.

The past week was interesting to say the least. I actually put some physical work in half of the day and then managed to practice on top of it. Unfortunately I was cut short yesterday because of weather and today because the course being closed. But the pro gave me 160 balls and told me I can use the range, no green for chipping though.

I had a good session. Working on developing a distance chart for my new JPX 825s. Not that easy. Right now I find out what I can do. For example. I am able to get my GW out there all the way up to 100 with those old range balls. So it seems I can use it 110 yards and less on the course. I will focus on an easy swing to be accurate and not to hurt myself. All clubs are longer. Seems like my 5 iron is good for up to 190 yards, which is huge. But with an easy swing I think about 170 and 180. We will see. It will take me a while to get this done and have a good distance chart.

The truth is , that those clubs feel incredible. When hit in sweet spot they feel like butter and off sweet spot they still feel good and go forward. I finished my day with my driver yet again and am pleased. As long as I turn I am in the game and get it out there a long ways. My hybrid gets better and better and my utility 3 is a secure club of the tee and in the fairway.

So , overall I am happy and just need to work on my sand shots more. But the trap at Terra Ceia Bay is pretty much never in good shape.  In all, I am ready to play and the more I am off the course I have the desire to play.

There was a commercial on TV today with  Stacy Lewis, talking to young girls. She told them what you need to make it: That included practice, desire, hard work, believe, support from family, support from friends and later support from sponsors. The willingness to do it.

I could feel it. So I am ready for Saturday, no matter what. Tomorrow I will play Bobby Jones and I will attack ever pin from wherever I can. Period. Attack pins and shot for birdies and eagles.

No safe play, no holding back. Just let it go. Sounds exciting, well it is LOL. I watched three tours today and I can clearly see me play. But time is of the essence. I do not have time. My schedule looks great.

Bobby Jones tomorrow, TPC Tampa Sunday, Gulf Gate Monday, Terra Ceia Tuesday, Bobby Jones Friday, 27th Ritz Carlton and soon in WA: Avalon Golf Course, Gold Mountain and Druids Glen in Kent. This is a great schedule.

If things go well I can enter for August 17th and 18th for Champions Gate and Reunion in Orlando. A great 2 day Golf Channel Tour championship at Champions Gate, The Arnold Palmer resort. But I work on the schedule for that.

Tomorrow my old clubs will go, a new putter grip will come and maybe a new addition to my bag . Now that I can use my 5 iron and have a good 3 hybrid and utility club I consider either a hybrid or a new 3 wood ( Golfsmith has great used clubs). But maybe I have to wait to learn more about my irons.

In any case. I am excited and look forward to the next 2 days. I will be where I feel best, on a golf course competing.

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