Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Ritz Carlton Membes Club in Sarasota and more

It has been a few days since I was able to write. Those past days were very busy and tough. Lots of work , play and practice and so I was simply to tired to write and at times to think. Like yesterday.
But it is all good. I made some progress. Not going back to all practice sessions in which I put my focus on short game with my LW and SW and my new PW. All of them are progressing nicely and  I get better around the green by the day. Which that will move me forward fast.
Friday I played a good round at Bobby Jones. Considering the weather and course conditions it was a really great round actually. I am satisfied on how I handled the water and the rain as well as the greens and fairways. Setting myself up for birdies and so on.
Saturday I had to take a day off and rest. I was schedule to play the Ritz Carlton Members Club for a practice round for the Golf Channel Tour and needed to be in good shape. However, I then helped working in a friends restaurant which resulted in my body being pretty soar and tired.
Nevertheless I had a very good round at the Ritz Carlton. I was not sure which tee boxes to play and so I played form the member's tee box. Which is a mix of mostly blue and some white tees. I figured, that this will give me a nice view of the course. I played many times on this wonderful track and just wanted to refresh my memory.
It worked out great. I got there early enough to warm up for 40 minutes, That is always a pleasure. They have great balls on the range ( Titleist ProV1) and all is in good condition.
We, a friend and two ladies, tee off shortly after. My goal was to check the course, try some shots and just use the clubs in a 3/4 mode to play comfortably around the course.
I stared with a birdie on 1. That was pretty good and I got excited about my good feel on that day. However, I followed up with a double bogey, which reminded me to stay calm and just play shot by shot. Which from here on I did. I set my self up for more birdies, but missed some by inches at a time. I hit many greens in regulation, some from as far as 210 yards. Reached all the par 5s in regulation and only missed 1 par 3 ( still got a par out of it). Shot a solid 77 with missed opportunities. 1 over on the back. Little disappointed about that as I had at least 3 realistic birdie opportunities and about 4 longer ones. I missed 2 fairways all day. Using my driver wisely for all kinds of tee offs. I made it a point to play one club longer and swing easier. Chipping was excellent and putting was good considering the lightning speed of those greens. I hope I can adjust to them next Saturday, but I in general feel more comfortable on very fast greens. I had one miss hit all together, did not hit 1 single trap and no OB or hazard. It was extremely hot and humid and I was able to deal with it nicely.
This was a good practice round. Checking out greens, fairways, areas and distances. I feel very comfortable on this course . It is just a matter of keeping my head together and my mind in a relaxed mode. I can do that. So I am looking forward to play the tournament , which will be the last before my WA State trip on which I play 3 great tournaments which and I am very much looking forward to that.
Yesterday I tried the Gulf Gate Shoot Out. This is a pure skins game with hole in one pot. You should mostly to par 3s with ridiculous tough pin placements ( because of the pot) on small elevate greens. Great practice. I played ok. But mostly was too long with my irons. Hit some greens, but they are hard to find. Made only one huge mistake. I was listening to my group and got so into their opinion that a tee shot is longer than it seemed, that I took out a hybrid and tried to hammer a shot. Disaster. Reality was that the I only needed to clear 165 yards and a 6 iron or 5 iron into the wind would have been sufficient. But instead of trusting my Pin Seeker and feeling, I got all caught up in their talk. Happens, not often, but it does happen. Other than that it was a fun round, played well and I feel good about my shots. I do not count the putting on those greens. They are in a condition the tournament courses do never reach. Chipping is impossible. My chips have lots of spin and practically stop and sometime even spin back. Can you imagine, spinning back chips? LOL.
Today there is no room for practice as I am working on creating funds. Not my favorite thing to do and certainly not helpful to my game or plan. However, in my current position I have not much choice and need to take opportunities like that to add to our budget. At least this week I will go through with it, but considering the toll it takes on my body, mind, game and feel, this can not be allowed to happen too often. I fell soar, tired. On the other hand, I am thankful to be able to actually do the job and be able to work if I need or want. That is a huge plus and shows me that I am still in the game of life. So do not get me wrong. I am not unhappy with things like that, but I know that 1 day of no practice will throw me back 3 days with my feel. That is a fact and not a good one. But I have 3 days to get back until Saturday. So I am positive, that it is working just fine. There is so much things ahead of us. The next 2 to 3 months could be defining. If I will be able to play all the tournaments I was planning and if I get my job done. Now off to breakfast and then start the day. I make sure I do a better job keeping you updated on my blog here. Thank you for stopping by.

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