Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rain in Florida is still ongoing

Ok, now that is enough. We had rain and rain. Not that we do not need it, but I am stuck in my home for practice for the most part. Today I worked for the first time with my new Mizuno JPX 825 and I like them. I only tried the PW, GW and 7 iron. But all three clubs feel good. I need to get used to the grip a little. But then again, it will only take me a couple weeks. Also did some short chip shots. But I am really looking forward to be out on the range tomorrow, working on my shots and set up. My set up will change. the main reason being that my clubs are custom fit for me with 2 degree up and secondly because of the much bigger off set those clubs have.
Today I looked down on them and oh my, they are huge against my little muscle backs. But I will get used to it. I expect to gain 20 yards with those clubs after working with them for a while. This is a huge change in my distance chart and will cause a few rounds which will feel odd and I will make some wrong decisions. However, I expect to be ready for the next tournament of the Golf Channel Tour, where I will test the clubs and my new game. I am working with my Swingbyte on getting my swing on plane and I tell you, that is a task which I have not imagined it could be LOL.
But I am determined to get it done. This will help to give e consistency, control and distance. The rest of the day I spend online, creating content and constantly working on finding opportunities to play or to present my business plan to people who are interested in being part of our adventure. But now, it is raining again and I will soon call it a day and get ready for a better night sleep, so I can do a good session tomorrow.

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