Monday, July 1, 2013

Mizuon JPX 825 - my new clubs

As a surprise I can report, that my new custom fit clubs arrived today. Which is wonderful. I thought they will get here in a week or so. But this is much better. Today is no chance to play. It is raining all day and I heard, that the golf course I was supposed to go for a shoot out is closed. So , home day and home practice it was. But I want to share my excitement about the clubs. You probably read about me going to a fitting, trying all kinds of golf clubs from all kinds of companies.
The Mizuno JPX 825 was by far the best, longest and most accurate golf club out there. So tomorrow is the day I was waiting for. I will start playing non forged irons for the very fist time ever. They feel so good. They look good and are fitted to a point to my game and body.
I will write a full review on those clubs in a while. for now I am impressed on how they were packed. Mizuno is special and I love it. Here some photos of those clubs. This will change my game for the better and I am now part of new technology LOL.
Tomorrow I will go to Terra Ceia and do my first practice routing with them starting with the PW and GW. Jus short shots at first and then we will take it from there. I think I will focus on getting to know my new partners as well as possible, so I can play them on Friday for the first time.
Exciting days :). Thank you to my sponsors. Without them this huge step would not have been possible. You understand, that as they are private , there is no further mentioning :).

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