Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mizuno JPX 825 - first practice

So today I actually made it happen and I was able to go and practice in the dry for 3 hours trying my new clubs, the Mizuno JPX 825.
I have not been out for 2 days , so I warmed up with my SW for an hour. Just doing chipping around the green including some lob shots. This was good practice, because the ground was so wet, that only a perfectly executed shot showed a good result. It was soft ground and mud around.
Did about 150 chips and was pleased with the result. My SW is still the MacGrebor VIP. I kept it because I put so much work into this club and all my shots that I did not want to change. I am satisfied with the club. Same counts for my Mac Gregor LW, which I use more often again. For a while I thought I can live without it, but I was wrong. I love this club and can do some great things with that.
I then went on and my goal was to work with the PW, GW, 7 iron and 5 iron of my new clubs.
Right from the start it was hard to get the set up right. The offset of those clubs is huge compared to my muscle back clubs and the club head is like a monster truck LOL.
It took me a few shots to get my PW straight. My main goal today was just to get a feel for it. Meaning, to hit straight shots. Really did not care about distance for now. With all the mud and wetness it was hard to make good contact on this range. Had to clean the clubs after every single shot. Which was ok, but took a little time. I was pleased with the PW. Sounds a little different but felt good. Same for the GW. The 7 iron was amazing. Even without going for more distance, I already can see that I gained at least 10 to 15 yards with clubs and that with those poor range balls. Great feel to it and I do not have to swing that hard, which I can not in the first place because for the first time ever I have R flex ( which I need to find out if in the long run that will be sufficient, but for now it feels good). I was able to consistently hit my 7 iron solid. Last I picked the club which I did not use for pretty much 3 years. My 5 iron. I used a hybrid as a supplement. But I thought I will order this club and give it shot.
Absolutely amazing. Not only was I able to hit good shots in those conditions, but when I teed it up to simulate tee shots, I was shocked how far I can hit this thing. With an easy swing , with those broken range balls I was easily able to get it 160 out there, which translates into about 175 under regular conditions with a regular ball. I took 2 80 % swings and I got it out there even further and it had a great feel to it.
One more day of practice and then I play 2 rounds with those clubs. I think after that I will write my review on it. So far, they look good, feel good and seem to get me exactly what I want and need.
Hope that the rain will stop tonight and I find some better practice conditions. But things are getting together, on step at a time.

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