Monday, July 15, 2013

Is a personal coach of importance to your golf game and professional golf career?

Today I met with yet another professional to talk about my future and what can be done. I am looking for a long time now to find the right match. A person who fits in my team and who 100 % believes in me and my plans. Someone who's main intention is to help me to go where I want to go and not to make a quick buck.

Instead of practice I met Tony today at Terra Ceia Bay, my home base for practice.
Todays goal really was to chat, get to know and just hit some shots. I wanted him to see what I do and that I can do whatever I am told to do with this golf clubs. We spend about 2 hours together. Working on chipping, putting, hybrid and my driver. It was very interesting and I have to report, that I feel very comfortable. This is most important. I looked at and spoke with PGA pros and other pros in the area. I watched them, I listened what they told me and watched them. All without them really knowing that I do. So I could make an unbiased decision. A decision based on my feel and not on what they told me.

There was only 2 men left which I found would probably fit in my team. Based on location and conversation as well as readiness I met with Tony today.

The goal is to get me ready, longer, more confident and up to speed. Tony told me I am a Ferrari which needs a little tune up. Confirmed that I have everything what is needed to make it, if I have the passion and desire to do so. This confirmation was important to me. I work hard on it, but not everything is put into it as I want to yet.

However, with the outlook to have someone to work with now, I am very excited. The attitude is there. The knowledge is there and the connection is there. A good start.
This will be my first coach after Mike Hegarty and Bob Marlow. Both of them were the only people who I worked with in my entire history. So it is a big step and I am ready to give it all I got to make it work.

The plan is to start working together ASAP. As a personal coach, Tony will work plenty with me and most likely at Terra Ceia Bay. I already have a couple pointers to work on and that is good. Next I need a written plan for practice, business, agenda and goals. I get to that immediately. A lay out for my tournaments for the next months. That is a task Tony gave me right away.

But I will elaborate on that later. Fact is, that I think , that I might have found the next team partner for my long term approach. I am excited.

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