Monday, July 1, 2013

How to do a good putting practice session at home using my Swingbyte II Golf swing Analyzer

Well , it looks like the day will be very wet for the next few hours. Meaning, there is no way to go on the range or the course for now.
Is it still possible to get some good practice in? Sure it is. I will spend about an hour on my putting. 6 foot putts. This is a putt which occurs a lot and so it is only logical to work on it all the time. Despite my chipping putts me in a closer range more often, this is a range which I see all the time. The idea is to get a feel for this distance. Using my artificial putting green (speed is about 9 to 10) I will execute 100 putts from a distance putting towards a line and target. Keeping track not only of the inches I pass it or go left and right, but also using my Swingbyte analyzer to get a good overview of my speed and swing timing. Goal being to have consistency through out my putting stroke. This data then is saved to a website for comparison and analytics. The written down distances of my putts I will add to my practice log for now.
You can do this anywhere in your home on any carpet. What you want to make sure is to take the speed in account. If you have a fluffy carpet, your speed will not be that great. When you putt and measure, you need to make sure to note that you putted on slow speed. Best would be to putt on non fluffy carpets or putting mats.
Here are some photos.
I usually put a small piece of tape at my starting point. From there I measure 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet for distance and mark each with tape as well. I use a cup or whatever I can put together as a target. Then I put a yard stick parallel to my starting point. This will help me to see the inches I swing back and forth when putting for the different distances.
On my putter you see a little device. This is the Swingbyte analyzer. A great tool ( review is on the review blog and website soon). This I use to measure my speed, clubface angle and swing path. I keep statistics on file to see progress and to know what I need to work on.
Today I was starting coming from the inside and swinging towards the outside. Not good. At the end of practice I was going along the target line, leaving my ball about 1 foot or so behind the target. So I am making putts.

 Complete view of starting point and distance lines as well as target.
 Distance lines. In my case 3,4,5 and 6 foot. Can not go longer here.
 My putter with Swingbyte analyzer attached.
Yard stick and the small tape which is my starting point from where I will putt.

This is plenty of fun and it helps a lot. There is nothing you can not do at home and I will do more and more things like that.

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