Friday, July 12, 2013

Getting ready for a day of golf

Sun is out, sky is blue, coffee is hot and I am excited.
Excited to be able to get up and going. To be able to play golf and go for my dream. This will be a good day and I am so ready. There is few things in my life which could be compared to going out golfing. Not that I do not like other things.

One of my favorite past times is sitting in a bar right on the water, the Zapfsaeule in Cala Millor being my favorite one :) and just look on the water, see people going by on the promenade, talk with guests and friends. This is relaxing. There is a long list of great things to do which make you feel alive.

But I will elaborate on that on another occasion. Right now I just want to share my excitement and happiness. Remember, this is a blog about my journey, my feelings, my thoughts, my ups and downs. Feel it and be part of it :). Enjoy your day.

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