Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ritz Carlton Membership Club - Golf Channel Tour event and more

Getting work done means spending time. This leaves me with making decisions about how to set my priorities in terms of spending time for tasks, work and sport. That left me off my blog more then I liked. However, I consistently work on improving my time management. That said. I was playing a Golf Channel Tour event at The Ritz Carlton Members Club in Sarasota , FL. I was prepared ( you probably read my practice round report from the week before). Got lots of practice done and had my clubs under control. I was motivated and determined. One goal in mind. Shoot 70s, get some skins and play a good round of golf.
That is exactly what happened. I was able to navigate this long and tough course very nicely. Putting drives in fairways, hitting greens in regulation and putting very well. Greens had a measured speed of 12.3, which is almost tour like and very difficult if you are not used to that. I warmed up and adjusted fast to the greens. Had a nice group of people with me and simply played according to my plan, using the yardage guide and my measuring devise.
My game plan was easy.
1. Get the ball in play. Not so much looking for distance, but for accuracy.
2. Hitting greens in regulation, making sure I stay  below the pin. When in doubt, go for the middle of the green.
3. Stay out of sand traps.
4, Play the par 5s as 3 shot holes and make birdies
5. Just move the ball forward from anywhere.

All of it I was able to do. My drives were not the longest, but I only missed 2 fairways. I hit plenty of greens in regulation, which gave me opportunity for birdies.
I was in absolutely no sand trap. Played the par 5s one under par and moved the ball forward in any situation.
Played 3 nice birdies of which one held up as a skin. A long par 4 which made me good money after a tremendous approach shot and a great putt. Missed a few birdies, but made good pars. I actually was at times 1 under par on the back. But on 15 I felt that I was getting a little tired. Heat index was 105 and no wind. So on the par 3 hole 16 I had to put it on the green and just par it, but pulled it left into the trees towards a hazard. When I got there I found my ball and was excited that it was in the rough. I had a tiny opening through 2 trees and 60 yards to the pin. I went for it and landed short of the green but was excited to be there. I got out of it with a bogey and it felt like a birdie from there.
My playing partners were in disbelieve. 17 and 18 are two tough par 4s to finish it up . 420 yards and 410 yards both dog leg right with water , traps and plenty of trouble to destroy any good round. Tired as I was I changed my game plan and figured if I can bring the home in bogey or better I will be in the money. I made sure that my drive on 17 stayed away from the water, which left me with a 215 approach. I put I on the green but had a very long putt with 3 breaks. Gave myself a chance for a 10 foot par putt, but missed it. 18 I had a good drive and had 176 to the pin. I went for the pin which did not work out and I rolled back into a collection area right of the green into the deep rough. I took a swing at it and got it within 12 feet but missed the par again. However, I came home with a 78. In my current state of playing and considering the situations and the golf course, that was a good score and it got me 2nd place. 1 skin held up and I made some money. I am excited. Looks like the hard work pays off. New clubs, a lesson with my coach and things look good. Fact is, that I know I can shoot 69 there as well, just need to keep at it. So I will take it as a good step forward and keep working on my game and my mental strength. That I got a little tired at the end of the round I need work on. More water, some more food and protein. I will manage. The 3 strokes at the end cost me the win and that is not a good thing. On the other hand , I learned that I can handle being tired and bring it home. Now in WA I am preparing for 3 tournaments. Different air and different temperatures here. But I am excited to play here because this is where my journey started and I will play some courses I played many years ago. I will report soon again. Things are looking up and our year end goal is getting closer and more  clearer by the day.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Ritz Carlton Membes Club in Sarasota and more

It has been a few days since I was able to write. Those past days were very busy and tough. Lots of work , play and practice and so I was simply to tired to write and at times to think. Like yesterday.
But it is all good. I made some progress. Not going back to all practice sessions in which I put my focus on short game with my LW and SW and my new PW. All of them are progressing nicely and  I get better around the green by the day. Which that will move me forward fast.
Friday I played a good round at Bobby Jones. Considering the weather and course conditions it was a really great round actually. I am satisfied on how I handled the water and the rain as well as the greens and fairways. Setting myself up for birdies and so on.
Saturday I had to take a day off and rest. I was schedule to play the Ritz Carlton Members Club for a practice round for the Golf Channel Tour and needed to be in good shape. However, I then helped working in a friends restaurant which resulted in my body being pretty soar and tired.
Nevertheless I had a very good round at the Ritz Carlton. I was not sure which tee boxes to play and so I played form the member's tee box. Which is a mix of mostly blue and some white tees. I figured, that this will give me a nice view of the course. I played many times on this wonderful track and just wanted to refresh my memory.
It worked out great. I got there early enough to warm up for 40 minutes, That is always a pleasure. They have great balls on the range ( Titleist ProV1) and all is in good condition.
We, a friend and two ladies, tee off shortly after. My goal was to check the course, try some shots and just use the clubs in a 3/4 mode to play comfortably around the course.
I stared with a birdie on 1. That was pretty good and I got excited about my good feel on that day. However, I followed up with a double bogey, which reminded me to stay calm and just play shot by shot. Which from here on I did. I set my self up for more birdies, but missed some by inches at a time. I hit many greens in regulation, some from as far as 210 yards. Reached all the par 5s in regulation and only missed 1 par 3 ( still got a par out of it). Shot a solid 77 with missed opportunities. 1 over on the back. Little disappointed about that as I had at least 3 realistic birdie opportunities and about 4 longer ones. I missed 2 fairways all day. Using my driver wisely for all kinds of tee offs. I made it a point to play one club longer and swing easier. Chipping was excellent and putting was good considering the lightning speed of those greens. I hope I can adjust to them next Saturday, but I in general feel more comfortable on very fast greens. I had one miss hit all together, did not hit 1 single trap and no OB or hazard. It was extremely hot and humid and I was able to deal with it nicely.
This was a good practice round. Checking out greens, fairways, areas and distances. I feel very comfortable on this course . It is just a matter of keeping my head together and my mind in a relaxed mode. I can do that. So I am looking forward to play the tournament , which will be the last before my WA State trip on which I play 3 great tournaments which and I am very much looking forward to that.
Yesterday I tried the Gulf Gate Shoot Out. This is a pure skins game with hole in one pot. You should mostly to par 3s with ridiculous tough pin placements ( because of the pot) on small elevate greens. Great practice. I played ok. But mostly was too long with my irons. Hit some greens, but they are hard to find. Made only one huge mistake. I was listening to my group and got so into their opinion that a tee shot is longer than it seemed, that I took out a hybrid and tried to hammer a shot. Disaster. Reality was that the I only needed to clear 165 yards and a 6 iron or 5 iron into the wind would have been sufficient. But instead of trusting my Pin Seeker and feeling, I got all caught up in their talk. Happens, not often, but it does happen. Other than that it was a fun round, played well and I feel good about my shots. I do not count the putting on those greens. They are in a condition the tournament courses do never reach. Chipping is impossible. My chips have lots of spin and practically stop and sometime even spin back. Can you imagine, spinning back chips? LOL.
Today there is no room for practice as I am working on creating funds. Not my favorite thing to do and certainly not helpful to my game or plan. However, in my current position I have not much choice and need to take opportunities like that to add to our budget. At least this week I will go through with it, but considering the toll it takes on my body, mind, game and feel, this can not be allowed to happen too often. I fell soar, tired. On the other hand, I am thankful to be able to actually do the job and be able to work if I need or want. That is a huge plus and shows me that I am still in the game of life. So do not get me wrong. I am not unhappy with things like that, but I know that 1 day of no practice will throw me back 3 days with my feel. That is a fact and not a good one. But I have 3 days to get back until Saturday. So I am positive, that it is working just fine. There is so much things ahead of us. The next 2 to 3 months could be defining. If I will be able to play all the tournaments I was planning and if I get my job done. Now off to breakfast and then start the day. I make sure I do a better job keeping you updated on my blog here. Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Is a personal coach of importance to your golf game and professional golf career?

Today I met with yet another professional to talk about my future and what can be done. I am looking for a long time now to find the right match. A person who fits in my team and who 100 % believes in me and my plans. Someone who's main intention is to help me to go where I want to go and not to make a quick buck.

Instead of practice I met Tony today at Terra Ceia Bay, my home base for practice.
Todays goal really was to chat, get to know and just hit some shots. I wanted him to see what I do and that I can do whatever I am told to do with this golf clubs. We spend about 2 hours together. Working on chipping, putting, hybrid and my driver. It was very interesting and I have to report, that I feel very comfortable. This is most important. I looked at and spoke with PGA pros and other pros in the area. I watched them, I listened what they told me and watched them. All without them really knowing that I do. So I could make an unbiased decision. A decision based on my feel and not on what they told me.

There was only 2 men left which I found would probably fit in my team. Based on location and conversation as well as readiness I met with Tony today.

The goal is to get me ready, longer, more confident and up to speed. Tony told me I am a Ferrari which needs a little tune up. Confirmed that I have everything what is needed to make it, if I have the passion and desire to do so. This confirmation was important to me. I work hard on it, but not everything is put into it as I want to yet.

However, with the outlook to have someone to work with now, I am very excited. The attitude is there. The knowledge is there and the connection is there. A good start.
This will be my first coach after Mike Hegarty and Bob Marlow. Both of them were the only people who I worked with in my entire history. So it is a big step and I am ready to give it all I got to make it work.

The plan is to start working together ASAP. As a personal coach, Tony will work plenty with me and most likely at Terra Ceia Bay. I already have a couple pointers to work on and that is good. Next I need a written plan for practice, business, agenda and goals. I get to that immediately. A lay out for my tournaments for the next months. That is a task Tony gave me right away.

But I will elaborate on that later. Fact is, that I think , that I might have found the next team partner for my long term approach. I am excited.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

TPC Tampa Bay - Golf Channel Tour Tournament in Tampa

It is Sunday the 14th and I am well rested after a Saturday afternoon of doing nothing. Not it is time to reflect on my performance at the TPC Tampa Bay Golf Channel Tournament.
I was looking forward to play this course, as it is one of the best tracks here in Florida and back then it was home to the Outback Steak House. In a few I will write a review on the course. But let us get back to the tournament.

It is crucial for me to start playing stroke play tournaments on "real" golf courses. When I say real, I am talking championship course. We play way to much quota games on short and not so tough courses. That does not help me much, although it does a little.

So I was blessed that I got a new Golf Channel Tour membership and picked this tournament to play, although I have never been on that golf course. That proofed to be a disadvantage. But I wanted to try to play the course by the yardage book with help of my pin seeker. What I did not know was, that it would be raining so hard, that the course was muddy and totally wet. Considering that I have new clubs I was not exactly confident in what I was doing there on the course in terms of how to swing those new clubs in these conditions. Never the less. I arrived at the course rested and ready to go with much confidence after a good round the Friday before.

A short warm up showed me that I had my clubs under control and my driver as straight and long. The putting green was in great shape and the greens were about 10 to 11 on the meter. I like that. Not very fast, but fast enough to let those true greens give some great challenge. At that point I was not aware how much of a challenge I will face.

Started out on 10. Interesting tee shot. But I got going well. My approach was short and I ended up with bogey. From here on I was trying to adjust to the wet conditions combined with my new irons. It took me 6 holes to make it happen. While I was finishing with some pars, I had real trouble in between to get the ball in the fairway and the rough is just to much to get on the green from more then 150.

I ended up with a 43. Which considering the 3 doubles I had sounds OK to me. But fact is, that I missed my putts by a hair pretty much every single time. Good speed , good distance, but just not falling.

The back 9 ( in my case the front) I was confident to make something happen and I did. I started out with a great drive leaving myself about 138 in. But I put my shot to the right side of the green while the pin was on the left. I had about a 70 foot putt. First uphill, then strong downhill right to left all the way and then 5 foot before the hole uphill and left to right. I was able to put it within 4 feet and putt it out. Things were better until this horrible par 4 where I put my drive in the right hand water, trying to play the right fairway. My drop ended up in the rough, from where I made the wrong decision. I tried to play a hybrid and move it forward towards the green. Huge mistake. I got caught in the rough a and my ball went about 5 yards. Still in the rough but not in the water. This time I chipped it out into the fairway, leaving myself 140 something to the pin. Next I put it in front of the green, leaving myself a chip for a double. I love chipping and I am good at it. This time I did not focus enough. I tried to play my typical chip and got caught in the mud, moving the ball 2 yards. I chipped on for a 7 and then two putted. 9. My first 9 in a tremendous long time and my putt for 9 was a good putt. Could have been a 10 , which I did not have in years.

I was able to settle down and played good holes and good shots. Still got myself 2 more 8s. Unreal. My drive was not good enough, period. But I finished with a par on 18. I was putting for birdie within 7 feet 2 times and did not make one. Same counts for par from up to 9 feet etc.

Also I need to mention that with 5 holes to go the horn blew because of thunder coming in. My partners said they want to finish. That really distracted me, but considering the fact that I did not hear thunder yet, I agreed. Lightning caused me to play  one 8 though and I was not happy about it.

What did I learn?
1. I need to play a practice round before playing ( this was a special event with short notice, so I was aware of the difficulty)
2. When wet and muddy, I really need to add a club to my irons and make sure I grip down a little. I am in the mud to deep.
3. I need to focus. Take my time even more in special conditions.
4. I need to pay on tougher courses and play the back tees or at least the second set of tees. That is the only way to work on distance. When you are forced , you will do.
5. Play my LW in the bunker if it is wet and hard. That will give me a chance to pop it up rather then to go over the green.
6. I am in good balance with myself. I was able to put for birdie right after playing an 8. So the score did not bother me too much. This is great news. My mental strength is good.

I had a good time and even though my score is not a winning score I can take some good things from this round and I learned more about myself. Every day I do and at times I am surprised while at other times I am not :).

One things is for sure. I know exactly where I belong and what I am supposed to be doing. Just a matter of working harder, moving on, find more ways to have more time to play and practice and to keep focus on what is important. The one thing we do not have is a master plan for what we do. No written down goal. So how in the world do we know what we are working on and when we are supposed to be there?

I will need to get this done. Next week I will focus on practice and play at Terra Ceia Bay Skipping play for 1 wee in competition. Also I will contact my possible future coach and enroll in the next Tournament of the Golf Channel Tour.

TPC Tampa Bay is a great and tough course, which helped me to understand better where I am with my plan and my game and what I need to do. Read the review about this course soon.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Getting ready for a day of golf

Sun is out, sky is blue, coffee is hot and I am excited.
Excited to be able to get up and going. To be able to play golf and go for my dream. This will be a good day and I am so ready. There is few things in my life which could be compared to going out golfing. Not that I do not like other things.

One of my favorite past times is sitting in a bar right on the water, the Zapfsaeule in Cala Millor being my favorite one :) and just look on the water, see people going by on the promenade, talk with guests and friends. This is relaxing. There is a long list of great things to do which make you feel alive.

But I will elaborate on that on another occasion. Right now I just want to share my excitement and happiness. Remember, this is a blog about my journey, my feelings, my thoughts, my ups and downs. Feel it and be part of it :). Enjoy your day.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

TPC Tampa - Golf Tournament hosted by Golf Channel Amateur Tour and then some thoughts

It has been a little while since I wrote a little longer, but here I am. My last tournament I played on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour was probably some time in 2012, but I am not even sure. Mainly because I did not do that well and because I got busy working on other tournaments and things. Fact is, that this tour is by far the closest to the Pro Tour. Well organized, stroke play, great prizes, time stamps with penalties and you even get announced on the tee box.

So I am excited to be a member of this tour again and my first tournament is a good one right away. The TPC Tampa hosted great tournaments including the Outback Steakhouse Senior event. A tough and well known course.

I have never played it before, so I will rely on my pinseeker, google earth, yardage guide, a good game plan and my ability to execute the shots with my new clubs. I know I can do it and so I am confident that I will play a great round of golf. There is plenty of $ to be won and I am planning on doing just that. A review of the course and the tour will follow soon.

The past week was interesting to say the least. I actually put some physical work in half of the day and then managed to practice on top of it. Unfortunately I was cut short yesterday because of weather and today because the course being closed. But the pro gave me 160 balls and told me I can use the range, no green for chipping though.

I had a good session. Working on developing a distance chart for my new JPX 825s. Not that easy. Right now I find out what I can do. For example. I am able to get my GW out there all the way up to 100 with those old range balls. So it seems I can use it 110 yards and less on the course. I will focus on an easy swing to be accurate and not to hurt myself. All clubs are longer. Seems like my 5 iron is good for up to 190 yards, which is huge. But with an easy swing I think about 170 and 180. We will see. It will take me a while to get this done and have a good distance chart.

The truth is , that those clubs feel incredible. When hit in sweet spot they feel like butter and off sweet spot they still feel good and go forward. I finished my day with my driver yet again and am pleased. As long as I turn I am in the game and get it out there a long ways. My hybrid gets better and better and my utility 3 is a secure club of the tee and in the fairway.

So , overall I am happy and just need to work on my sand shots more. But the trap at Terra Ceia Bay is pretty much never in good shape.  In all, I am ready to play and the more I am off the course I have the desire to play.

There was a commercial on TV today with  Stacy Lewis, talking to young girls. She told them what you need to make it: That included practice, desire, hard work, believe, support from family, support from friends and later support from sponsors. The willingness to do it.

I could feel it. So I am ready for Saturday, no matter what. Tomorrow I will play Bobby Jones and I will attack ever pin from wherever I can. Period. Attack pins and shot for birdies and eagles.

No safe play, no holding back. Just let it go. Sounds exciting, well it is LOL. I watched three tours today and I can clearly see me play. But time is of the essence. I do not have time. My schedule looks great.

Bobby Jones tomorrow, TPC Tampa Sunday, Gulf Gate Monday, Terra Ceia Tuesday, Bobby Jones Friday, 27th Ritz Carlton and soon in WA: Avalon Golf Course, Gold Mountain and Druids Glen in Kent. This is a great schedule.

If things go well I can enter for August 17th and 18th for Champions Gate and Reunion in Orlando. A great 2 day Golf Channel Tour championship at Champions Gate, The Arnold Palmer resort. But I work on the schedule for that.

Tomorrow my old clubs will go, a new putter grip will come and maybe a new addition to my bag . Now that I can use my 5 iron and have a good 3 hybrid and utility club I consider either a hybrid or a new 3 wood ( Golfsmith has great used clubs). But maybe I have to wait to learn more about my irons.

In any case. I am excited and look forward to the next 2 days. I will be where I feel best, on a golf course competing.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mizuno JPX 825 - first practice

So today I actually made it happen and I was able to go and practice in the dry for 3 hours trying my new clubs, the Mizuno JPX 825.
I have not been out for 2 days , so I warmed up with my SW for an hour. Just doing chipping around the green including some lob shots. This was good practice, because the ground was so wet, that only a perfectly executed shot showed a good result. It was soft ground and mud around.
Did about 150 chips and was pleased with the result. My SW is still the MacGrebor VIP. I kept it because I put so much work into this club and all my shots that I did not want to change. I am satisfied with the club. Same counts for my Mac Gregor LW, which I use more often again. For a while I thought I can live without it, but I was wrong. I love this club and can do some great things with that.
I then went on and my goal was to work with the PW, GW, 7 iron and 5 iron of my new clubs.
Right from the start it was hard to get the set up right. The offset of those clubs is huge compared to my muscle back clubs and the club head is like a monster truck LOL.
It took me a few shots to get my PW straight. My main goal today was just to get a feel for it. Meaning, to hit straight shots. Really did not care about distance for now. With all the mud and wetness it was hard to make good contact on this range. Had to clean the clubs after every single shot. Which was ok, but took a little time. I was pleased with the PW. Sounds a little different but felt good. Same for the GW. The 7 iron was amazing. Even without going for more distance, I already can see that I gained at least 10 to 15 yards with clubs and that with those poor range balls. Great feel to it and I do not have to swing that hard, which I can not in the first place because for the first time ever I have R flex ( which I need to find out if in the long run that will be sufficient, but for now it feels good). I was able to consistently hit my 7 iron solid. Last I picked the club which I did not use for pretty much 3 years. My 5 iron. I used a hybrid as a supplement. But I thought I will order this club and give it shot.
Absolutely amazing. Not only was I able to hit good shots in those conditions, but when I teed it up to simulate tee shots, I was shocked how far I can hit this thing. With an easy swing , with those broken range balls I was easily able to get it 160 out there, which translates into about 175 under regular conditions with a regular ball. I took 2 80 % swings and I got it out there even further and it had a great feel to it.
One more day of practice and then I play 2 rounds with those clubs. I think after that I will write my review on it. So far, they look good, feel good and seem to get me exactly what I want and need.
Hope that the rain will stop tonight and I find some better practice conditions. But things are getting together, on step at a time.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rain in Florida is still ongoing

Ok, now that is enough. We had rain and rain. Not that we do not need it, but I am stuck in my home for practice for the most part. Today I worked for the first time with my new Mizuno JPX 825 and I like them. I only tried the PW, GW and 7 iron. But all three clubs feel good. I need to get used to the grip a little. But then again, it will only take me a couple weeks. Also did some short chip shots. But I am really looking forward to be out on the range tomorrow, working on my shots and set up. My set up will change. the main reason being that my clubs are custom fit for me with 2 degree up and secondly because of the much bigger off set those clubs have.
Today I looked down on them and oh my, they are huge against my little muscle backs. But I will get used to it. I expect to gain 20 yards with those clubs after working with them for a while. This is a huge change in my distance chart and will cause a few rounds which will feel odd and I will make some wrong decisions. However, I expect to be ready for the next tournament of the Golf Channel Tour, where I will test the clubs and my new game. I am working with my Swingbyte on getting my swing on plane and I tell you, that is a task which I have not imagined it could be LOL.
But I am determined to get it done. This will help to give e consistency, control and distance. The rest of the day I spend online, creating content and constantly working on finding opportunities to play or to present my business plan to people who are interested in being part of our adventure. But now, it is raining again and I will soon call it a day and get ready for a better night sleep, so I can do a good session tomorrow.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mizuon JPX 825 - my new clubs

As a surprise I can report, that my new custom fit clubs arrived today. Which is wonderful. I thought they will get here in a week or so. But this is much better. Today is no chance to play. It is raining all day and I heard, that the golf course I was supposed to go for a shoot out is closed. So , home day and home practice it was. But I want to share my excitement about the clubs. You probably read about me going to a fitting, trying all kinds of golf clubs from all kinds of companies.
The Mizuno JPX 825 was by far the best, longest and most accurate golf club out there. So tomorrow is the day I was waiting for. I will start playing non forged irons for the very fist time ever. They feel so good. They look good and are fitted to a point to my game and body.
I will write a full review on those clubs in a while. for now I am impressed on how they were packed. Mizuno is special and I love it. Here some photos of those clubs. This will change my game for the better and I am now part of new technology LOL.
Tomorrow I will go to Terra Ceia and do my first practice routing with them starting with the PW and GW. Jus short shots at first and then we will take it from there. I think I will focus on getting to know my new partners as well as possible, so I can play them on Friday for the first time.
Exciting days :). Thank you to my sponsors. Without them this huge step would not have been possible. You understand, that as they are private , there is no further mentioning :).

How to do a good putting practice session at home using my Swingbyte II Golf swing Analyzer

Well , it looks like the day will be very wet for the next few hours. Meaning, there is no way to go on the range or the course for now.
Is it still possible to get some good practice in? Sure it is. I will spend about an hour on my putting. 6 foot putts. This is a putt which occurs a lot and so it is only logical to work on it all the time. Despite my chipping putts me in a closer range more often, this is a range which I see all the time. The idea is to get a feel for this distance. Using my artificial putting green (speed is about 9 to 10) I will execute 100 putts from a distance putting towards a line and target. Keeping track not only of the inches I pass it or go left and right, but also using my Swingbyte analyzer to get a good overview of my speed and swing timing. Goal being to have consistency through out my putting stroke. This data then is saved to a website for comparison and analytics. The written down distances of my putts I will add to my practice log for now.
You can do this anywhere in your home on any carpet. What you want to make sure is to take the speed in account. If you have a fluffy carpet, your speed will not be that great. When you putt and measure, you need to make sure to note that you putted on slow speed. Best would be to putt on non fluffy carpets or putting mats.
Here are some photos.
I usually put a small piece of tape at my starting point. From there I measure 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet for distance and mark each with tape as well. I use a cup or whatever I can put together as a target. Then I put a yard stick parallel to my starting point. This will help me to see the inches I swing back and forth when putting for the different distances.
On my putter you see a little device. This is the Swingbyte analyzer. A great tool ( review is on the review blog and website soon). This I use to measure my speed, clubface angle and swing path. I keep statistics on file to see progress and to know what I need to work on.
Today I was starting coming from the inside and swinging towards the outside. Not good. At the end of practice I was going along the target line, leaving my ball about 1 foot or so behind the target. So I am making putts.

 Complete view of starting point and distance lines as well as target.
 Distance lines. In my case 3,4,5 and 6 foot. Can not go longer here.
 My putter with Swingbyte analyzer attached.
Yard stick and the small tape which is my starting point from where I will putt.

This is plenty of fun and it helps a lot. There is nothing you can not do at home and I will do more and more things like that.