Monday, June 10, 2013

What needs to be done to become a professional golfer other then hit balls and play golf?

This question I hear all the time. There is plenty to do and it is not only practice and play. Besides spending a few hours per day on the range or course, one has to work on communication with potential sponsors, work on finding new opportunities to play, earn money or meet people. Create an identity of a pro golfer. This includes a clear image, even the way you clothes plays part in that.

The beginning is the most difficult part. Just because I am sure I have the talent, the will to practice and work hard and the total believe that I can do it does not mean, that others simply jump on the train and support you or believe in you.

In the phase I am now it is more then difficult to convince anyone that I am able to make it on any tour. Being 45 is the first obstacle. The average person does not believe that a person of my age has any chance to make it. There is some understandable reasons for it. For example, the question: Why did he not make it before? This is a valid question. But as easy as it is asked, as easy it can be answered. There is many factors. Finances, family, work, health and location being a few of them. When I was 24 I had not doubt I can do it. But at that point, my dedication was not in focus. I just was not working on it the right way and with enough conviction. That does not draw people and support. This is different now. I am 100 % dedicated to my task and to my goal.

Secondly some would ask: Are you physical able to make it? Despite the opinion that in todays pro golf only gym going body builders can achieve success, the reality looks very different. It is true that many top golfers work out every day, have a personal trainer and so on. But when you look at all pro tours and check who is in the top 25 to top 50,  you will find that there is plenty of great players who put their focus on golf only. People like you and me who are dedicated to the game. Right now I am in good shape. Not the best I could be in, but in good shape. I am easily able to play fully concentrated for 18 holes for 4 days in a row. I also work on getting in better shape. Which does not mean I spend 2 hours a day in the gym, which that simply does not do it.

Those are two examples which I would encounter. But as fast as the questions arise, as fast they are answered.

To put it all together. It is all about success and attitude. I will find sponsors and support as well as believers if I am successful and show the right attitude. Success does not come easy and the success I can achieve now is to play good rounds of golf playing official events. Be it on amateur tours, city championships or whatever is out there.

Showing attitude is the easy part. Practice hard and daily. Play whenever getting chance. Put other things in second place and chose golf as priority. Be in public and show true interest in the game and what all comes with it. Never stop learning and listening and so on. When not practicing, work on business plans, practice plans and whatever else is connected. Last, have a clear vision on what there is to accomplish and what you will do once the time has come.

I have no lack on attitude that is for sure. Also I have a clear vision of what we can do once I can actively play.

This is a business involving much more then just hitting this ball. Although this is my primary task, right now I have to fill in for all other positions. Communication, sponsor relation, mental coach, coach and so on and so on.

So to answer what needs to be done?

Believe, work, communicate and lead. Sounds simple? Well it is not. But if you have the passion and the conviction to make it happen, even the toughest task becomes pleasure :).

I would love to engage people to exchange tips on how to proceed. How to make it easier. How to find players with the same interest. How to find sponsors who are ready to take a risk.

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