Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday Round at Bobby Jones Golf Complex

Part of becoming a professional golfer is to play and play and play. So yesterday I decided to play with a group of good golfers at Bobby Jones Golf Complex.
The weather was not too promising. However, I am usually very lucky with the weather and so we did not think about it for another minute. Well prepared for the rain I warmed up for this Wednesday round. I felt good. Maybe  Little tense from the day before, but good.
What then happened I do not know, but for 14 holes I had to work hard and fight against my own mind to get pars and bogeys. I hit shots which I did not know I can, so bad. Topped the ball, many times went left and literally had only 1 good drive which found the fairway and even that was a miss hit. Being in a team match, all that did not help to make any points. One might think I should get frustrated  while all that happened and for the regular player that might be true.
Me, I worked on every shot. Did my routines, developed swing thoughts and never believed, that the next shot could be a bad one. I kept my cool and continued to work on correcting my thoughts and swing. Finally, on the toughest holes on the course, 15, I was able to overcome this hole. After another drive to the left rough and next to a try I was able to lay it up nicely in front of the green with a perfect line to the pin. Followed up with a dead aim pitch and made the 8 foot putt. Every shot I was in total focus and could execute it. Just in time to start turning around the match.
A safe drive in the fairway of 16, followed with an ok approach and a wonderful 14 foot birdie putt brought us back. 17 is a par 3. The pin measured 158 and was close to the right bunker and close to the front. We had about a 1 club wind. The top player of our opponents hi a great shot within 15 feet of the pin. Watching his ball flight I switched my club to a longer club, a 6 iron. A little bit much, but the wind seemed to be stronger and I figured I just swing smoother. The goal was to put it inside his ball and win the greenies and then make the putt to win the hole and almost get even. I was able to not only put the ball within 8 feet, but also made the putt without there ever being a doubt. On 18 I had my second good drive into the wind, but still had 177 to the pin. The pin being by the right bunker with almost no landing area. But I decided to go for it and put it below the pin, which I did. I was within 13 feet with an uphill lie.
This was exciting. Because after being behind for most of the match, I was actually putting for the win. But, after making two great birdie putts, I missed this one. Leaving it short. Here is what happened. While in my forward swing of the putt I got a little distraction and lost my commitment in the putt. I had to make a choice. Trying to hold back and risking to touch the ball rolling it a few inches forward if I can not hold it or letting the putter swing and get at least close enough to make the putt and half the hole. I let it go, made the putt for par. I almost single handed turned the match over the last 4 holes! We lost 1.50 $. This could have been plenty more.
That is exciting. But what is really exciting is, that for 14 holes I played as if I have not played longer then a year to two, but was able to find my B plus game and execute shots when needed. That tells me, that I can control my mind and my body to a point which allows me to play well in any situation. That was a great revelation and will give me more confidence for future play.
Today will be an off day. It is raining and we have a tropical system moving towards us. That works out great, as I am a little tired. Still getting used to put all this play in. Time to reflect, write and review. Work on websites, tournament entries and ordering the new clubs. I love this game and everything about it.

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