Saturday, June 29, 2013

Waterlefe Golf and River Club in Bradenton, FL

What a round. In my pursued of becoming a better player I am now trying to do what I am supposed to do more. Play. Play and Play. As a matter of fact, playing and practicing is pretty much the only thing on my mind right now. There is a simple reason for that. If I want to make it within the time I set for myself, I need to put more work in. More work towards golf. After a great round on Friday in  Sarasota I started today yet again at Waterlefe Golf and River Club. This course is one of the toughest around. Also one of the most beautiful tracks here.
Today's round was a skins game format. Points. Not many players. So there was not much to earn. My focus then was to put the ball in play and play a good round following my plan.
I am satisfied with the result. Shooting 81. The front 9 I had a rough start. My first drives were not exactly straight and so I had to take 1 out of bound ball and 1 water ball. That gave me 2 penalties , which you really can not afford here. However, I played several good pars, putting for birdie on those holes. My putting was good, just had to fight the speed a little. The back 9 was much better. I was able to get the ball out there and give myself more opportunities. My best and also my worst hole was the par 5 number 14. I had a good drive and had about 220 to the hole over the water and bushes. I gave it a go and was pin high. Unfortunately right on the edge of the fringe cut to the rough. Took me a minute to make up my mind what club to use, but I took the putter for my 16 feet eagle put. Missed it right, leaving me a 3 foot put for birdie. Not doing through my routine, I missed it! So, a great second shot from 220 out and then that. But, I was over it the moment I put the flag back in the hole. I hit my next ball in the water on a par 3. Put my dropped shot 9 feet behind the hole in the rough again, but made the put. Followed up with a par, another par and then lost my drive on the last hole. Again a little unlucky. Overall , I am satisfied what I did with what I got and with how much work I can put into my game. I am long ways away from where I should be by now. 6 hours a day would be the right thing. So , starting Monday I will try again to get the rhythm going. Practice morning, play afternoon. Every day. Has to work. There is not other way I am progressing. Another week an my new club are here. I am getting excited. This will be so great and a huge step forward.
When I am on the course, I feel great. Literally happy inside. The landscape, the nature, the challenge, the silence. Just no better place to work, play and spend time ( well maybe a good beer garden works LOL).  So my golf is progressing and Waterlefe slowly buy surely is submitting to me :). Took a while. I will not play there for a while, but if given a chance , I am in.
On a different note. When I played my Friday round I played very well , until I had  a strange feeling and itch. It was horrible. After that, on hole 15, my finger started swelling, my head was red and I felt strange. My tongue was swelling and I had a hard time to focus. That result in playing two bad holes and finishing with a 78. When I came home I thought I had a heat stroke. But when I woke up the next day I found something different. Both legs are covered with ant bites which are infected, swollen and literally running with stuff. Disgusting.
That makes it clear. I had a allergic reaction which was so strong, that I had real troubles. Those ants are dangerous. I knew that before, but twice I got hit now. Really need to pay attention.
So, Waterlefe was great, Bobby Jones was great, my legs are infected. Sunday I take of play and will practice twice .
I have never been so determined like today to get it done. There is no other choice :). Any advise on how to fight the red ants? Let me know. I will post some pictures in a different article.

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