Monday, June 17, 2013

Swingyte Golf Swing analyzer and more

I am so excited to report that today I was able to set up this little machine which I will use from here on to support my practice. One of the things I learned is, that I am simply to short. So I need to work on club head speed. That is difficult when doing it alone and without any gadget. This is where the new Swingbyte 2 comes in. I will start using it every day and start tomorrow. My first target : My driver! In order to move up and on with my game I need to up my average to at least 275 yards. Looking at the US Open that would not even be enough LOL But , also considering the likeliness of me playing there, an average of 275 will be sufficient to play some great scores on any given course.
In order to get to this average 2 things need to happen. A. I need to have more club head speed and B. I need to have a more consistent swing plane. Although I technically know how to accomplish both, the new item will help. In combination with video I believe I will get a better swing for tee off within a few weeks. It will not come fast, but I think, that at the end of July when flying out to Seattle and playing two tournaments there, I will be in great shape ( with my swing that is).
After working with my driver I will work my way down to a 3 wood and possibly 5 wood ( I do not play a 5 wood yet, so I am not sure if I will spend to much time with it or not).
100 mph to 105 mph  is the speed I am trying to reach . I am not far of. But it is truly amazing on how much distance a few mph will actually make. The Swingbyte analyzer is brand new to me as well, so I can not tell much yet. But when the time come I will write a good detailed review. You find that on my review blog:

Achim's Golf Product Reviews

This will also replace my review page on our website. This week I am working mainly on getting things in order. Meaning. Getting new clubs, getting new bag, getting new clothes and planning more play and practice. Whenever you get a new set up, the # 1 thing to do is getting used to whatever that is.

Practice will continue, but besides working on woods I focus on short game. It seems odd to me, that I failed to hit good shots on my first day of the tournament and then wonderful shots on the final day. It makes me believe, that the shot is not embedded enough yet. In my mind and in my muscles.

What else did I learn last weekend? For sure I confirmed, that I need to stay out of conversation which is related to golf. Whenever I do not talk, I can play several leagues up and I need to learn to do that. need to let it rest.

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