Monday, June 10, 2013

Short game practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club

What did I do today to move on? The most important part in golf. Short game. I worked on it for 2 hours. The last few rounds I played well , but when I made mistakes, they were most likely connected to my short game and I needed to reinforce my confidence.
I know I can hit any shot without a problem. But when standing over the ball , I need to be 100 % confident in my mind to do so and I missed that a few times. That caused me to lose many shots and as a result a couple rounds under par.

My focus today was chipping around the green. Different shot shapes, different distances, one club. SW is the club of my choice. After going back and forth on how to fine tune my short game I finally made up my mind. I will use once club for most shots around the green and will practice every possible shoot with it. Only when I work with lots of green I will change to a different loft to get a  little more roll.

So today I hit lob shots, shots from 5, 10 and 15 yards off the green ( different pin positions). With spin and without spin.

I relaxed hitting my driver, 3 wood and hybrid. All 3 of them feel good and I did not work on anything specific.

After doing the woods I went back and did another 90 chips and pitches to give my body and mind the opportunity to learn how to adjust. After all ,that is what you do on the golf course. You hit a driver, then a PW or a 6 iron. Then you play a chip and then a putt. Just to go back to the tee box and let another one go as far as you can.

I am satisfied. By now, I can hit the shots I like and need for the most part as I wish. Nothing fancy. A simple game and shot shape. But that is all what it takes. In the end, all what counts is to get the ball to the green and hole it out as soon as possible.

With a good game plan you do not need anything more. The less confusion in your mind the better.

But that is it for my practice today. Rest of the day is admin work. Not always the most fun thing to do, but it needs to be done and I am not only the player, but also the manager, the coach, the office help, the sponsor in between, equipment ward and so on and so on :). Keeps me busy LOL. But I love it and that is what counts.

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