Thursday, June 13, 2013

Preparation for Bradenton City Championship - Two men best ball

Yesterday I played a practice round at River Run. It was very hot. But I enjoyed playing and played well. hit good drives. That will be the key this coming weekend. If I can get the ball in the fairway with good distance, I have a good chance to get on the green in regulation and that will result in birdie chances. I will focus on the medium and shot par 4s to score. The long par 4s are more difficult. The landing areas are small at times. Not sure what tees we are playing and how long it will play. The greens were very slow, but I am sure they will be ok this coming weekend So what I did, I did not try to hammer those balls. Always having in mind, that the greens will be fast and in good shape. I hit driver for the most part yesterday, but there is plenty of holes I could go with a 3 wood in case I am not accurate with the big one. But we will see. They do not have a driving range, so I will warm up in the morning at Terra Ceia Bay. Because of my handicap tee time is pretty late in the morning. That is great, so I have time for breakfast and warm up.
My preparation will be short game and driver today. Not to much. I need to be in shape. We will play Bobby Jones Golf Complex tomorrow and I want to walk the entire weekend.
Tomorrow I will work on target shooting. Meaning, put it in the fairway , even if shorter and then attack the pin.
On Saturday the game plan will to play the middle of the green for the most part unless the pin is a good accessible position. Need to avoid bunkers. The bunkers at River Run are the same as Bobby Jones. You never know what you get. Sand, no sand or whatever. So I keep that in mind.
Tomorrow I will finally get my swing analyzer. This will be a huge step forward. The Swingbyte analyzer has good reviews for the most part, but I am convinced it will help me to improve certain aspects of my game. This weekend we order the clubs and I am excited about that. One step at a time we are getting in pro shape. Pro shape to me is , when I have equipment which is made for me, when I have a situation which is tailored for success in our task.
Ok, not getting ready for some practice.

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