Monday, June 3, 2013

Mac Gregor VIP Sandwedge - my favorite club around the green

Although they forecast rain for the entire week, I was up and running early to get out and continue pro style practice. On the list today. Get the SW in shape all around the green to get my LW out of the bag other then when needed.
The number was 300 chips and lobs for today. I was not sure if I will make it because of the weather.
But on the other hand, I need to practice in rain as well. I worked for about 1 hour when heavy rain came in. First I stayed out and kept going. However, I had to go in the car and wait for a little. I do not have any rain gear at this point and did not want to risk to be all wet for the second part. Luckily it stopped raining within about 5 minutes and there was only a little mist going. So I continued to do my short game regiment. Lob shots over the bunker and so on.
To finish my practice today I did the 5 shot target circle. This is a drill I do at the end. Picking spots and from there chipping and pitching to 5 pre determined pins with the goal to get within 3 feet with every shot. I did about 100 balls like that and was satisfied with my results. I have about 3 ways for my chips and can use my SW for pretty much any shot and any distance around the green. This also leads me to believe, that , at this point, I do not want to change my SW. I am happy with it for now and need to focus on overall iron game instead of starting all over. So , until I hit the Mizunow SW somewhere, I will not even think about ordering it. The MacGregor is a good club and I play it well. Like the looks too. But in detail you can read about it on my review pages. The rest of the day I am working on our websites and other technical stuff. It is raining heavily on and off and my practice facility is closed for the afternoon.

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