Monday, June 24, 2013

IMG Academie golf club in Bradenton and more

After a wonderful golf weekend I am ready for this week. Friday I played at Bobby Jones Golf Complex. Those are always competitive golf rounds and we had a good time. I kept working on improving certain aspects of my game and believe I succeed with the plan.
Saturday I was playing at The Links at Greenfield Plantation. A former top course, this course now is ok for what you pay. Interesting was the group I was playing with. Good golfers who are dedicated to play often and in competition. I was 1 under through 5 holes, but started struggling with my driver yet again. That cost me my points and about 6 holes. However, I was able to come back and get another birdie on the back nine and get some pars on the way in. As a result I did an ok round. My iron game and short game were not at their best, but good enough to make some money on that day. The course has plenty of water and if not accurate with your tee shot, there is little chance to have a good approach. Greens were slow, which cost me many putts. Really need to get used to such conditions as well.
Most important was the round at IMG Academy golf course on Sunday. Great group including some professionals competing on a course which was in great condition. They always to a good job to keep it up. Even though the greens were not fast as well. However, at least the greens were in very good condition.
This round I worked on one thing. Getting drivers out. Playing 400 to 440 yard par 4s requires long tee offs and that is my biggest challenge. But , I was able to get some good shots of the tee and bring great pars in. Doing some sand saves and other shots which I did like a lot. I think one great example would be a par 4, 400 yards ( which is not very long, but very tight and water on both sides). Had an ok tee shot and only about 175 to the pin. I was going for the front of the green as it was close behind the bunker. I ended up in the bunker, which was pretty deep and not something the average golfer would like to encounter. However , I was able to hit a good bunker shot and leave myself 8 foot for par, which I then made. This was a classic one. 1 yard to the left and my shot would have been a great birdie attempt. Had some other endings like that. Missed a 10 birdie putt on 9 after I hit a 190 approach right on the green. Thing is, I am giving myself more opportunities and make more important shots when I need to. So there is some very interesting improvement to see. But I think the best part of the golf round at IMG was that in my group I had a player who not only is a professional, but also tried to make the senior tour at one point, where he came up short. What a difference to play with someone who actually knows what he is doing on the course. Moving his cart the right way, conducting himself around and on the green and staying positive and calm in almost every situation. Pretty much my profile on the course. But , if you want to play pro golf, there is no other choice. After all, you play and then you move on and then you play again. So, getting angry or excited in negative ways does not help anyone. Further, when you learn how to move around the course properly  you will safe all players time and make sure they can focus as well.
After the golf round I sat down with him and we talked about professional golf, about his story, about my story and about my plan. Further about my game. It was very interesting to hear what he had to say about my game, my plan, my age and what it will take. He pretty much confirmed what I wrote many times and keep telling others. There is no limit and I have everything I need. Age is only of limited importance and for the most part I just need some fine tuning of what I have. This is exciting stuff. It is nice to hear encouragement and confirmation from someone who actually has the needed knowledge and experience. On top of it all, I received the offer that I can work with him as a coach. How good can it get? Not much better. So IMG Golf not only was a good round, but also one more positive experience on my journey. One thing we already had in common. We love the game of golf. Being out there on the course, playing against par, a group and an entire field. Taking on each shot as it is and see what we can do with it. There is nothing like it and I am more determined the ever. There is nothing I like to do more then just playing this game ( when talking about work and sport that is). Needless to say, that there is many other things I like to do after or before. Now getting ready for another match up tonight in Sarasota. Let us see if I can do a short course with my irons :) . Tonight the order for  my new golf clubs goes out. I am so excited, I can not tell. This will be a brand new chapter in my career with a huge change coming up. It will be exciting to work on my new game and reach for new heights.

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