Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to make a hole in one

25 years I am working on actually make it. Not sure how many times I got close. But, there is really not much you can do about it. Just keep practicing and playing. The more you go on the course, the bigger the chance that you actually will make. But here is a good story about my almost hole in one. The closest I ever got, but it did not get in :).
I played Bobby Jones Golf Complex Friday. My biggest challenge is that there is not full driving range. to warm up. This results in really tough starts on the front nine and this Friday was no different at all. I had to fight for every par and even bogey. Simply to get the ball in play. I made good pars, putted for good birdies, but really did not get anything going. Had really good approach shots. Tried a 5 wood and was very happy about it. The back 9 is where I then need to score.
It was a tough start with a bogey and another bogey. Then another bogey on the long par three. So I had to change something. On the par 5 , 13 ( which I play as a par 4 from the white tees) I had an ok drive. About 270 and only 193 to the pin. The challenge was , that I was in the rough and under a tree with 3 more trees towards the hole. So I needed a low shot, landing it in front of the green to roll it on for a chance to get en eagle putt. I gave it a go and made it. That resulted in an 10 foot eagle putt. Unfortunately I missed it by an inch, getting a good birdie out of it.
The next par 5 I could not reach, but still put myself in a birdie putt position. I missed that one as well by an inch and got a good par. 15 is one of the toughest par 4s our there. I had a good drive and only 156 to the pin. I nailed it and had yet another birdie putt within 9 feet. I left it short  ( downhill!). The greens on that course drive me nuts. They are not rolling at all. But, had a good par. 16 I missed my drive to the right and left myself a shot out of the rough from about 129. Not a big deal, but I did not catch it right and ended up way right on the green, leaving myself a 40 foot birdie putt, which I got close for a par. Then came 17. I just played a good shot on that hole last Wednesday and the pin was in a similar position, just a little more back. We were even in the match against the other team with two holes to go. I figured that I go for the pin instead of the middle of the green. I needed to get it close and make a birdie to win the match and get a closest to the pin. Full focus and off the shot went. The moment I hit this shot I thought: Wow, this is good. I worked itself left to right towards the flack. Landed, people were screaming, it rolled, made a strange turn and came to a stop. I knew it was good, but I had no idea how good until a bystander who was close the green told me. He said the ball rolled toward the pin, hit the pin, bounced to the back of the cup, circled the cup for one complete 360 turn and stopped 1 inch from the hole. Amazing.
That was as close as one can get. ( I had an eagle shot once from 168 which landed in the cup and jumped back out ). Needless to say I won the hole. I was so adrenalized, that I hit another good drive. My approach on 18 was 3 feet to long to be perfect and it rolled over the green. I had an easy birdie chip, which I missed. Ended up with a bogey. But, we won the match anyway. Shot 38 on the back with 4 missed opportunities. I am getting closer to my under par round. Step by step, round by round and I am excited about it.
Yesterday I learned, that I will start carrying a 5 wood and leave my LW at home. My SW will do the trick, but I can also customize my bag before every round.
I am in good shape and feel very confident. That is the key. Also I am better in blocking out things around me. Still struggling with some other thoughts, but I am working on that. Today was a day off, tomorrow short game and driver practice and maybe play. Next week 2 Terra Ceia rounds, 1 River Run round and 1 Bobby Jones round. Then I shall be ready for the weekend tournament. This is all exciting and I am thankful that I can do it. Over the next 8 weeks we will work harder to make it even easier for me to focus on the task :). So I can not tell you how to make a hole in one. But I can tell you , the more you practice, the better your percentage to actually get one. So I will continue.

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