Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to keep the fun going when trying for professional golf - my thoughts and my approach hopefully easy to understand and be helpful

Sitting here tonight working on all kinds of things for my dream and goal I realized , that I have fun doing what I am doing although I am not in the best position to do it. As a matter of fact, I am far from where I need to be with certain things, like finances, team building , sponsorship and so on. However, I do have fun. Every day I am out there working on my goal, every minute I spend online doing the same thing and every minute thinking about. How can I keep it fun? Simple. I know that this is my destination and that this is what I truly want to accomplish. So , nothing can hold me back, take my fun away, give me negative thoughts or whatever. So my suggestion is simple as well. Before you decide that you are making a run for it, be it as a young guy/girl or a little older like me, sit down and give it a good thought.
1. Is that what  you really want?
2. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices ? All of them ?
3. Does failure put you in a bad, negative or even depressed mood?
4. Will you be able to fall, get up, fall , get up , fall get up and so on regardless how often it will happen ?
5. Do you have fun in life even right now?

I can assure you. Myself, I asked all those questions and here are some answers.
Yes, it absolutely is. Although not always easy, I am standing for it and I want to play. I not only can imagine that I can play, but I can feel that I belong out there to play. I have done many different things in my life and I was always sure , that this is what I want. However, when I am on a golf course something different occurs. I can feel it. I feel good. I feel right. I feel happy.

Bring a sacrifice and I will make it. It really does not matter what I need to do, as long as I can see that it will help me moving forward in my task. For that I will give up things. All kinds  of things. AS a matter of fact , there is little to none which I would not give up to keep moving towards my goal.

3. Failure always has some impact on everyone. I am certainly no exclusion to this. When I play a bad round. Lose money. Don't make a cut. Make a big mistake on the course or whatever. I do have a moment of bad feelings. The difference is, that my moments are very, very short. The reason for that is simple. Once a shot is done, it is done. Once a tournament is over, it is over. Money lost is money lost. There is simply no reason to morn about it, be depressed or have any negativity growing within you.
The moments I had which were  tough, were moments when I had to realize, that I have the ability and the talent, the mindset and will, but not the finances and team to make it happen. Fact is , that if you can not take failure and move on and have experienced big set backs because of that, reconsider the decision to pursue professional golf. There might not be another career or sport in which you will have as many set backs and losses as in this sport.

4. Go back in your life. No matter how far back. Think about situations in which you had a big fall. Sports or work. Did you get up immediately and try again? Or did you walk away and changed your direction?
 I thought about this one many times and I had to go back all the way to my table tennis experience. Playing tournaments and leagues. There I learned to never, ever, stop. It did not matter. Then I think about my life , my work. Never did I give up at all. Changed direction or the main goal. So that was an easy one for me.

A crucial point to work and keep the fun in professional golf is to have fun even before you start. If you are a grumpy person right now, you will be when you start working on your goal.

Here is the deal. My mind was and is set. I am a happy camper and work through whatever is coming on to me. I am willing to do whatever it takes and am in the process. I have no fear of getting rid of people around me who are trying to hold me back. Friends who have doubts , are no friends. Period. So let them go their way, I do. That counts for every one. You need to learn that in order to keep it fun, you need to get rid of dream poisoners.

Now to practice and play. Do not overdo it. Practice is good and play is good. But you need to have time for fun things other then golf. Go out, spend time with family, have another hobby or just hang out on the beach. Whatever it is. Always remember, golf is a game. A sport which you picked to make a living.

This might be a little much to think about. But as I promised to all readers I am willing to share my thoughts and make them available to younger players who are thinking to go for it or a in the middle of it.

I can tell you. I am on a mission. Nothing , absolutely nothing can stop this pursued and I have fun with it.

This is my thoughts for tonight. Tomorrow is full practice and getting ready for the next two rounds. I will report about my practice session tomorrow.

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