Monday, June 17, 2013

Bradenton Two Men City Championship

While the top pros were battling it out on Merion, we did the same at River Run Golf Links. While by far not one of the toughest courses I play, this one is demanding in terms of keeping it in play. Saturday was qualification day. We had a good tee time  and so I was pretty good prepared. It was humid and hot. Started out ok, but was not able to score and my partner could not keep up for the most part. So after a long , hot and humid round of golf , with many missed opportunities we cam in with a score which put is in the last group for the final. Despite that being not the desired spot we wanted to be, it had one good thing. A good realistic chance to win a flight.
Our tee of was much earlier on Sunday , which is not exactly my favorite. So it took me a few holes to get going and it seems, that this was enough to lose the run. Shot another bad back 9 ( where we started). On the back I secluded myself from my partner, the other players and went into a zone which is needed to win. From there on I played par with good birdie chances. Was able to bring it in at 1 over. Unfortunately 3 shorts short of the win and after counting back, short of any money. Not very satisfying. However. I took plenty of good things out of my rounds. Most important I found out, that if I am 100 % in the zone and committed , I am able to make it happen. We played the blue tees and so it was tough all the way. But when I was in , I was in and played a great front 9. Did not say more then 10 words in over 20 hours. Did not pay attention to anything.
So, it is mental for sure. Last I must say, that my putting improved dramatically as I chanced to a Ping Putter similar to the one I played before for a long time. With some adjustment I was then able to get things going again. Putting great long putts for lagging and finishing up from 6 feet in. So there is no doubt, that I will change to this or a similar putter in the next 7 days as part of my new set up. I am excited about all of it. The new clubs, new bag, new analyzer , new shoes ( not hurting after 2 days of walking!) and new putter.
Read about the course in our review blog some time this week. Things will slow down a little because of extensive work and 3 to 6 hour practice a day.

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