Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A full days work is not work at all if what you do is your passion

Yesterday was without a doubt the first full time golf pro day since I started.
Getting up at early hours is not my favorite, but if it is for something which I believe is important and I look forward to, it is not a problem at all. First I had a good 3 hour practice at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club. My focus first was on warming up and then working on my driver. My rhythm is getting better, but once that is accomplished I need to find some extra speed to get a better average. However, the greatest news about this part is, that I am getting more consistent in getting this ball into the fairway. Meaning , I am straighter the I ever was before. So that looks all good and I keep working hard every day to get it in sync.
Second, I worked on chips around the green from all kinds of positions. I am satisfied with it and I gain more confidence step by step.
In the afternoon I went to play River Run Golf Links for a practice round. It was ok, but wet. We played in rain for over 2 hours, which is not my favorite. However, I did ok. The greatest news is , that on this tight course, this was the first round were I did not lose a ball at all. I was able to keep the ball in play, which is a huge plus and certainly helps to give yourself opportunity for a good approach. Overall, not the best round I played , but a good practice round. In the end. The only time it counts is , when you are in a tournament. Game day so to call.  One the things I really need to get done is the clubs. Simply to give myself more room.. Today I played again, but that will be another post. :)

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