Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Sarasota City Championship successfully ended

It has been a while since I sat down wrote. I am sure some of you were wondering or waiting. There is so much to do, that at times it is difficult to find the time for writing. The City Championship ended this weekend. I was a good weekend on which I played two good rounds of golf and managed to win the 4th flight. That is not exactly the championship, but, it is huge improvement over the last year and the rounds I played had potential for under par rounds. The interesting part is, that in both rounds I did not play my A game. As a matter of fact. Off the tee I was not good at all. There were a few good drives, but mostly I played it safe and simply tried to get the ball in play. My game plan was to rely on my short game and it paid off. With all the extensive practice I did, I was able to work around the green with great pitching, chipping and putting. 80 % of my practice is 130 and in. I will strictly continue to do just that. The last two rounds, both 78, showed me, that this is a key. Not that this is news. When you listen to any pro on TV or read in magazines and books, they would tell you the same thing all the time. However, it is forgotten by many. Also very satisfying was the fact, that I used some mental techniques to keep me in focus, which I read about in different books. When ever I was in a more difficult position for my second or 3rd shot, I closed my eyes for a few seconds and thought about something or a situation were I was extremely happy and relaxed. In my case both of those things occurred many times in Cala Millor Spain. I.e. at a place named Zapfsaeule. Which is a little bar like restaurant right on the beach. Anyway, whenever I did that, my pulse went down and my focus came back to the shot on hand. My best shot being a fairway bunker shot with a difficult stand. I had to play a long draw to get close on this par 5 and managed to get the shot not only done, but had less yards into the green then I was thinking. Incredible. I also managed to not talk much and just play my game. So, the past few weeks were all worth it and I made tremendous progress with my game and execution of it. It is nice to win again and the price money is much needed and welcome. NOt sure what I do with it. I need balls, equipment and such. At the same time, I usually turn those certificate into cash for our living and golf. We will see how it goes. It was all fun, the people were nice and we had a good time. I took Monday off. My left arm was hurting. Not much , but it was. Clearly one of my muscles is not yet used to all the play. So I used sports cream and rest to get it done. Should have made some shakes for muscle recovery, but forgot. Today I am in great shape again and ready to continue. First there is some computer work to be done, then off to Terra Ceia Bay Golf for short game practice. Chipping and pitching. Then a small bucket of drivers to stay in the mode. It looks like I will be able to get a range card there. After thinking and debating what I am going to do to keep my practice going and more professional, Terra Ceia Bay seems like a good option for a few reasons. Distance is good, price is good and there is nobody there. Not the idea range though. Hard to find even lies on the iron side, balls are in bad condition, at least 80 % of them and the range is usually to short. However, there is spots to find for good lies and the wood tees are ok. There is two ways I can hit on this range so I can increase my drivers distance. The ball flight will need to be disregarded a lot. The balls simply do not reflect the true ball flight on this range. That does not count for short game shots. I would say that every thing up to 100 yards is in pretty good shape and I could go by the 15 to 20 % distance rule. Shot shape needs to be disregarded. In any case, I will be able to hit hundreds of balls every week to get my swing even more confident and that is what counts. So I am excited to move on and in the future I am sure I will find a range or country club which will provide ideal conditions like The Founders Club or such. One step at a time. After all it is also a budget panning thing. My practice play I will do around the area. I found many options where I can ply 18 holes for 10 $ on an ok course and other ways to practice my short game for hours for 5 to 10 $ on short courses. Again, all these options are not ideal, but they are all workable and fit into the plan at this point. There is no doubt, that within 6 months I will see huge improvement towards the scratch level, which is the goal by the end of the year. This week I will go measure for my new golf clubs. I am so excited to do that. Looks like I will pick Golfsmith to get my stats, but I need to make calls for that first. One I got my numbers, I can order the clubs through them as well. They have good policies and good deals. Might even have a coupon. I am still not sure if I shall change my wedges as well or if I should wait with that. Usually all should be done, but I feel good with them even if they are small. So GW through 5 irons probably it will be for now. That will be a huge step forward to get more serious and to make it easier on myself. On the other hand , it will be a small set back for a few weeks. After playing for decades with smaller heads and muscle backs it will be a big change. So all is well. My online work is still behind and there was no success in finding more partners at this point. But , I have a feeling there will be more funding and more help coming along soon. Meanwhile, I am still hoping for the Realtor Charity event. I also was asked to play in the two men best ball Bradenton City. But I have no partner for that yet. The Golf Channel Tour Legacy challenge would be next on my schedule, but I am not entered there yet either. My tournament schedule is not satisfying at all. Usually the year should be planned and set for the entire year and I am not even close to that. Still learning LOL. But for now, I will start the day and get things done today. As always , I am open to suggestions and ideas. Remember to visit my website.

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