Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Players Championship and what I can learn from it

Tiger won again. I like Tiger. He is a great player and he played. Only one player played better, Sergio. At least until the difficult 17th at TPC. There , Sergio made a huge mental error, which is not easy to forgive. Coming in with a share of the lead with two holes to go, knowing that Tiger has to play 18 and make birdie to pull away one more time it is beyond any imagination why he would go for the short approach instead of going to the middle back. After seeing Jeff hitting the water, there we go. Sergio hits the water. For sure one shot lost if a bogey is played and with a birdie at 18th still a chance for a play off. But , he did the one thing I would have never done. He made another attempt. So there I am , working all year for this moment. Then make a mistake. What would I do? I would walk to the drop area. get the distance, chip it on and try for bogey with a pretty good change to get it done. Fall back to 12 under and have a shot at a birdie on 18 to tie Tiger. But, he hits another one, which goes into the water yet again, just to follow up with yet another shot to put it on and two put. 4 strokes lost for nothing. Lots of $ lost for his caddie and himself. Simply not acceptable. The tee shot on 18 was pure frustration. No Tiger did not win. Sergio won it for him. He clearly was the better player all week. But that is golf. So in the end. Tiger won, is celebrated and he played very good, no doubt about it. But this week also showed, that things are in the making. Sergio plays well every week. I felt sad for Sergio. I am not sure if he knew what he was doing there. On the other hand. That is golf. You make a decision and you follow through with that. Then you deal with the result. Golf is so much like life, most people will never understand. The good news is. There is another week coming. Another chance, another round. Tiger will remain the best out there and all others will go back and work on their game. Until Tuesday next week, when it all starts all over again. This is a great sport. What did I learn? Immediately as the first ball went into the water, I said: I'd go to the drop area. Expecting he will. But he did not. I learned that I was right. But who knows. What if I would have been on this tee box, with thousands of spectators? I will not find out until I am in a situation like that. But for now. I can go and get rest knowing, that I do a great job preparing, practicing, learning and believing. That I am doing the right thing to move up in the ranks of golf here and wherever I will play and that I love every minute of it. Congrats to Tiger for winning, to Jeff for playing well, to Sergio for always saying what is on his mind and to all the other players who show, that anything is possible out there at all times.

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