Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tatum Ridge Golf LInks in Sarasota - A great round of golf

Reflecting on yesterdays round at Tatum Ridge, I am very satisfied. I put all my practice to work and played a good round of golf. 74 , two over par was my end result and I was excited about it. My goal was to put the ball in the fairway and then attack the green and get it on or close to the green. Better in front of it. My short game is doing very well and I work on it most of the time, so I can really use it. The front nine worked out great and I was under par after a few holes, but then had to give back a stroke. Ended with par 36. That is a good result. Putting was ok, drives were short, but I did not miss one fairway. The back I started with a birdie right away and had a good feel, but had to give 3 strokes to the course over the 9 holes. Had a great sand save on a par 5. Almost lost the ball in the water trying to hit for the big one, but found a bunker which is right on the water. Had a great hybrid out of the bunker and only had 60 yards left. My approach missed the green a little left and I had to put of the fringe. But I got a par out of it, which is wonderful after this risky tee shot trying to fly 230 yards over the water. That was the only bigger risk I really took. All my practice starts to pay off and I will increase my practice hours and play hours after my 3 day break. Due to work I did and the huge amount off balls I hit for practice, my muscles are a little over done and sore. I need to get used to full time action. So 3 days of rest, pool, reflection and quality family time is on the agenda. Feels good :). I am extremely thankful for all the support I get and yesterday was the first indication that I am on track. There will be rounds in the next weeks which are not that great, but that is simply golf. Fact is , slowly but surely I am working my way towards scratch and the year is long.

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