Thursday, May 9, 2013

Practice round at River Run Links

Started my full time play today. 18 holes at River Run . Thought I walk, but because of time issues I had to take a cart. What was ok. Main goal today was to hit the driver and hit it hard and long. Had troubles to do that. There was not much more to be done there. The greens just got sanded and pocked. Putting was impossible and chipping was not either. Was like playing in a bunker LOL. However, still could work on approach shots and whatever came along. The best news is that I can play there for little money all summer and get lots of long and tight par 4s in. Most important, I was playing, I will play tomorrow and from here on every day :). Looking forward to play tomorrow at Bobby Jones for the weekly game. Just a little worried about my driver. Just can not hit it long enough while being straight. There is a lot of work to be done. I will focus on it for the most part for the next weeks. As I am getting ready for new irons, it will not make sense to work on long irons as much because of the upcoming change. That will give me time for hybrids, 3 wood ( which I will need to change soon as well) and short game. Plenty of work :). Next getting some rest. I researched for simulators and analyzers for hours now and am not making progress. It will be crucial to buy the right analyzer to get the bet results. But no rush for now. This weekend my out door practice area is on the agenda. Wonder what I can accomplish :).

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