Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playing River Run Golf Links in Bradenton

Today my official practice starts. 3 to 4 times a week golf, every day practice, at times on off day. First round will be played at River Run Golf in Bradenton. Not a top of the line course. But it is tough. Tight course, water. This will be good practice to get more accurate while gaining distance. It is a nice day out and not to warm yet. I will walk most of the round I will play. So I get some of the much needed exercise in. There will not be much time for the gym, if at all. But that is ok. I do not like to be inside in this weather anyway. Will write a review on the course later tonight. Hope to get into the write mode a little more again. And I am not talking about the blogs. Best is, I feel great. My mind is settled, my body is in ok shape. This feels different then a few weeks ago. Feels like I am ready to go the next step towards the goal I have in mind.

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