Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing Bobby Jones Golf Course , the British side , yet again

It is Friday and the game is on. I am excited. My foot is much better. Still I am going to ride a cart today. Usually I am not riding, but I want to make sure I stay in good shape. In order to go through my full time practice plan I need to be in good health. Feeling great. This will be one of the last rounds with my old bodies, my McGregor VIP blades. I am going to miss them. But it is time to move on. For many , many years now I am playing blades. But technology has moved on and so need I. It will be much easier to hit the ball further and have better approach shots. The short game will stay the same and I will play similar wedges. But the mid and long irons will change big time. Just need to do some more research to confirm my results and then decide what irons I actually will play. It is a big decision because I want to execute a practice and playing plan which goes beyond the 1st year and accomplish a defined goal. So every club is exactly planned and build to my specs and I pick it on the actual need. But, today I am in playing mode. It is Friday and I am off to Bobby Jones Golf Complex for the Friday game. It will be interesting. Hope the greens are better. Last time they were so bad, that I was struggling. But, this time I am prepared for them. The goal today is to simply play a good round. Hit fairways and greens. Give myself opportunities and see what I can convert. Specifically my putter I will analyze. There is a good chance I am going back to my blade putter. Simply for the feel. But I am getting ahead of myself. First. Let us play a good round of golf and have some fun.

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