Monday, May 20, 2013

Pfingsten is a German Holliday and I use it as my second day off - resting day

Woke up well rested today. The sun is out and my muscles are much better. Seems like the rest starts paying off already. So much I really did not do much at all for anything. Today I will do some swimming and sitting on the pool. Not just enjoying the sun, but also working online. Reading about golf, writing reviews and communicate with friends who I did not have contact with for a long time. Things which I can not get done when I have those busy days, which there is many coming up this week and the month to come. Being 45 I have to say, that days are not that easy to go through any more. I at times get tired faster then with 25. That is not a complaint but more an observation and I can easily work with that. Off to breakfast and then to the pool. Let us see what we can accomplish today while enjoying the Beau Rivage Pool area :) .

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