Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Golf Tournament

Now, if that was not an interesting tournament. We played with 6 clubs, rolled dice for every shot but on the green. Interesting how bad I am with rolling them LOL. But , it was a game of skill and fun. The majority of my shots of the tee and on the green I made with my PW and SW. Whenever I got a real club in my hand I was able to help the team. Did not do that great with the clubs on the green. The greens were sanded and tough as it was. I am very satisfied with my hybrid play and my short game otherwise. With a handicap like mine it is pretty tough to make points. It was very nicely organized. We had a raffle, 50/50. I think Bob and Michelle, the managers, did a great job to put it together. Food was good as well. Now there is 2 day no course play. My feet are tired. My left food needs some serious rest. So tomorrow , no play or practice. Just staying around the home. Memorial day I will do nothing. It is family time. We will just spend time together at home and then have a nice BBQ with a neighbor. Tuesday I will start with full force again. First on the agenda, shoes. There is no doubt, that good shoes are crucial to play. Thing is. I practice and play so much , that I will alternate with one old pair. Two will go. I think a couple pairs are mandatory. Tuesday I will also find out when I will get the Swingbyte analyzer and I can not tell you how excited I am to get it. This will be a huge step forward. Then we do the fitting and will get the new clubs on order. That is excited as well. I am so good with my little blades, that I can not wait to see how I do with new technology. The preparation starts for June 15th at River Run, where we play a best pall 2 men tournament. It will be fun, tough and interesting. Terra Ceia Bay is the ideal place to prepare for this tournament, which we intent to win. I can hardly describe how excited I am right now. The opportunity to play. Whenever I am out there, playing each shot, practicing, spending time at the club house, tournaments, the constant fight within to keep going and make it happen. I think , that this is how it feels when you found a passion which to pursue relentlessly. Knowing that you are able to make it happen if given enough opportunities. I think golf, I plan golf, I feel golf and I live golf. Maybe a little late, but I know, that I found what I was looking for :). Now we just have to create some circumstances which will compliment our life, work, my golf and whatever we plan. So , what I am trying to say is, that once you found your passion and start living it, you have something , some will never know how it feels nor will they understand. One more months and the first half year of my mission is over. I will not write about my thoughts about what we accomplished, simply because we are not there yet :). But , stay tune and read more exciting stories of my tournament play, the fight to make it happen, practice and much more. Happy Memorial Day.

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