Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is raining in Bradenton - can I practice anyway?

Sure I can. Just not outside. It is raining cats and dogs and I can not afford to get sick. So I am for now working on admin work, website and promoting myself. After all I am a one man operations at this point for the most part and so there is 3 to 4 jobs which need to be filled LOL. My practice will be chipping and putting. Pretty much the most important part of the game anyhow. I can do that in my home practice area without problem. The other part of the day I will continue to work on partnerships for my websites and myself. When you check out you will find progress in different areas. However, it is a slow process. My personal website is on the back burner completely. But there is just not enough time in a day to get it all done. One of the most exiting partner ships I have to report is with Medicus! Medicus produces some wonderful practice aids which I use and used myself. I have not written a short review on it as my last session was a little while ago and I want to do it fresh. Only 3 more days for the second part of the Sarasota City at Bobby Jones. My 3rd round tee time is 8 08 am. Little early for me, but it is what it is and I will work with it. It is daylight at 7. So that gives me 1 hour to warm up. I will swing my driver a lot tomorrow and Friday and then just a few times Saturday morning. My focus will be on the range at Bobby and wherever to work on my 130 yards and short game as well as the 175 yard shot in different shapes. Further I will hit about 200 bunker shots to make sure I will not make mistakes like last weekend. Not sure what flight I am actually playing in, but it really does not matter. You play, you qualify, you give it your best shot to get the best result. No matter what flight you are in. On the tour. You play, you see to make the cut, you play a third round and then see where you start on Sunday. Not that you can choose where you start. You always give your best and learn from every shot and situation. I think I will use the time also for some research on mental practice I can do myself. I have to learn to put myself in a better state of mind. To focus 100 % on the task on hand with all my body and senses. I strongly believe, that this will move me forward big time. The Original Medicus Golf Training Club, The Medicus Dual Hinge 2000 5 Iron! Order Now, Save 20% And Receive Free Bonus DVD & Free Shipping!

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