Monday, May 13, 2013

Goot up early and ready for practice before work

Yes, I do work LOL. Lucky to not have to work full time. I know I should not work at all and focus on the game, but at this point this is not always possible. But that does not hold me back to get my practice in. Got up at 5 30 am and do all my work online. Next, getting ready and off to the range for about 75 minutes of practice. Home, shower, off to work. Not sure how long I will do today. After work, back on the range or even play 9 holes. Depending on how things go. This is exciting. Almost the perfect life. It is a long way to success and then the question is what is success? Well I have a defined goal and know where to go and I am getting closer. But wee accomplished one huge step. Doing what I like to do most , most of the time. Now there is a good one LOL. This morning my focus will be to hit irons and wedges yet again. There is not enough time to work on the driver. I will get back to that later or tomorrow. The driver and 3 wood will be the key to further success. Distance is a key. Although, looking at the last PGA tournament this is not entirely true for all players. Distance will help, but does not guarantee success. Ok, another coffee and off to get it done. With one of my golf heroes in mind. “I know where I am and I know which way I'm going, ... Only winning will satisfy me. You don't think it is possible? It is very possible.” Seve Ballesteros

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