Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting ready for the Sarasota City Championship 2013 final weekend

Looks like another wet day here in Bradenton, but at least it is not raining as heavy. So I am hopeful that I can do 4 hours of practice today. Need to stay in shape for the upcoming weekend. My main focus will be 130 yards and in. Starting with 2 hours of chipping and bunker play, 1 hour of irons and 1 hour of hybrids and driver. Putting I can do at home on my putting green. I was satisfied with my putting, but after trying some blade putters , I am not so sure if am actually going with my best option at this point. But that is something we think about after this tournament. I feel good over all. Yesterday I worked on chipping and the feel is there. But still, I had two days without full practice, which is unacceptable and not satisfying at all. An indoor practice area or a car port like roof in the back of the house need to be coming asap so I do not have days like that. Next week I am working on making a few steps forward to that goal. First I will get myself a swing analyzer. This little piece of equipment which is attached to your club and gives you valuable data about your swing is a must on the list. Should have gotten it months ago. Next I look for a metal car port. Maybe I find one used or free somewhere ( if you know of someone giving one away, let me know , I come measure it, if in FL). Last , I need to clean my garage of any not needed stuff so I can use it for my golf project. There is plenty of room to swing clubs, just to much stuff in there to do so. Most stuff is not needed and can go away. But today we will not think about that any further. Practice and internet work is on the agenda as well as allocating more partners, funds and sponsors. All together that will keep me busy all day until late night today. I found some interesting websites in regards to sponsorship and funding. Need to read up on that and see if that is something helpful. Ever heard of indiego? Sounds like an interesting concept. Just not sure if I can actually work with that for all of our plans. But , I will explore it. Our time is ticking every day and we are behind with pretty much everything there is in terms accomplishing goals. One of my biggest challenges is the fact, that practically all golf related work for my mission is done by myself. That is not good. There is enough work to be done to keep 3 people busy. The internet is something I like to do. But I hope I can get it to a point that we can pay someone to do it so I can get back all those hours for what is important. Tournament research is on the back burner. I have no idea where I am going to play over the next few weeks. Anyone knows of Charity events I can paly and help? Sponsor? Give merchandise? I should play 1 tournament a week, every week. So , the next step of finding more time for what is important to me, playing and practicing golf, will be to find help. Not sure exactly how I will organize that, but in order to be able to accomplish the goal I can no further spend hours and hours of time doing things which need to be done, but take away time from the main issue. Ideas are welcome. Suggestions are wanted. Volunteers greeted with open arms. Now, breakfast, coffee and getting ready for my first session.

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