Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bobby Jones Game and practice today

Had a really good round yesterday. Shot 81. Does not sound too good. However, it was incredible. 3 double bogeys, 2 penalties. That explains it right there. Made a couple wrong decisions in terms of club selection. But I noted for next time and will make the adjustment. My driver is still not working right. My weight shift is not good and my distance is suffering. Had 3 good drives all day. 2 pars and 1 birdie. There we go. If I get it out there, my scoring irons can go to work and I am on. Bunker shots were fine as well. So practice works. Todays practice was good. My focus was on my scoring irons. 100 to 130 yards and some shorter irons. Feel great about them and am getting real consistent with them. Did chipping and then lob shots. Both was good. Plan is to do 1500 to 2000 scoring shots next week, play 3 rounds of golf. 2 practice one at Tatum Ridge Golf Links. This will be our Friday game. Then wee have 3 off days which we spend a long weekend out of town. This is the only way we actually get some time for us. With all the work, play and practice there needs to be some time to just sit, swim, relax. My next tournament is a little out. As a matter of fact, probably will not play another tournament until June 15th. That will give me time to prepare, get my new equipment and organize other things. The spectrum of practice during those three days needs to be determined. We will see. In all, I am very satisfied with my progress and I believe that I am on track to reach my goal. Exciting. I am extremely thankful that I can do what I do and for all the support I get.

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