Sunday, May 19, 2013

3 day vacation at the Beau Rivate in Biloxi , MS

After 2 weeks of intense practice and play, my muscles need to rest. My left arm did not feel good Saturday. Clearly my muscles are not used to play that much and practice that much. On top I did some physical work during the week, which did not help. It makes Fridays round even more exciting. Nevertheless. Today is the first day of real rest in weeks. Actually slept in for the first time un a long time. Muscles are relaxing. Just looking at the water from our hotel room. There is absolutely no physical work on the agenda. We will do some walking, resting, watching and enjoy some good food. Next week will be a big week again. Playing two competitive rounds of golf. One at Bobby Jones in Sarasota. This is an important round. I play with good golfers and they are watching me, as they do know my plans and my goals. The second at Terra Ceia, my practice course. There I can show my ability to play a tight course and make it happen. Wed and Thu is practice on the agenda. Not sure if I can fit some work in between. We will see. So you might thing, how do I fit any productive action for my goal in those 3 days. I do not believe that I always have to do that. When you speak with pro golfers around the globe, you will learn, that for many golf is not even number 1 on the list. As a matter of fact. Family is for most number 1. As it is for me. So taking some days off thinking about it or playing it is not only good, but will help you to be better in upcoming play and practice. But, this weekend I am not taking entirely off. There is other work to do. Write articles, reviews, work on websites, communicate with family and friends or are interested in our plan, work on finding funds to support the task and much more. Difference is, that I take it easy. I do it sitting on the pool or overseeing the bay. But no stress and no rush. Just do it when time is available and then do not do too much. Little at a time. Still need to find a golf bag, still need to find other equipment. Next week I measure my golf swing. I am so excited about getting new golf clubs I can not even tell. Imagine what can happen. Right now I am able to play good golf with little tiny blade clubs which have a sweet spot of a penny. No forgiveness at all. yet I am able to find this sweet spot. But it gets harder and the clubs play short. Now I am getting clubs with a sweet spot of 2 quarters. This makes me want to think, that I can not miss hit a shot at all ( which is wrong, because there is always a chance for a miss hit, not matter who you are). But it will make life so much easier. They are lighter, they vibrate less. This will be a big step forward for the next 12 to 24 months. That is how long you can plan ahead in todays world. But maybe longer. It depends on my results. Still struggling to make a decision what model to get and where though. I will do some fittings and then make a decision based on what I find. In combination with the swing analyzer, which I still not have , but will add to my equipment ASAP, I will be able to make a good decision and move my practice up a level towards more professional approach. BTW I have to mention , that before I played the round last Friday , I worked for 1 hour with an old practice aid, The Inside Approach. This is a great item to work with on the range. It does not supplement the analyzer or flight scope or track man, but it does help you visually work on the approach from the inside because you have an obstacle right in front of you. It does not help you with speed, rhythm and you will not learn about your attack angle. Fact is, that the number which are very important can only come from one source and that is a machine like Trackman or an analyzer ( up to a point) which you can attach to the club or glove depending. I will write a review on The Inside Approach later and you find it on my website. For now, enjoy your Sunday as well as I will :).

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