Thursday, May 23, 2013

18 holes at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club

Todays practice was mainly to get ready for tomorrows Bobby Jones Friday round and for the Memorial Day tournament. Warmed up with irons only at first, .but then decided to hit a few woods. It paid of. I had a good round. 2 penalties and some bad lies and yet a 67. Sounds huge, but not to forget, that it is a par 62. However, still a great round on this tight little thing with the long par 3s. Longest today was 217. Interesting hole. Pretty much no room for error. After the round, 100 chips to relax and a cold beer :). It was sooo hot today out there and I am walking. But I feel great. Have a good feeling for the shots. The sun is making me tired though. I am ready for tomorrow at Bobby Jones and for the weekend. However, the weekend will be a fun tournament. 6 clubs, rolling dice for what to use. Which results in situations where you might hit a tee off with a PW or a putt with a Driver. It will be fun. Also there is a dress up contest. It is Memorial day weekend. We have USA flags on the greens. That means, no laying down. All putts need to be tended. Further the theme is red, blue and white. So dress up is on the agenda. We have cool prices to win. I hope I can find a Loudmouth USA tomorrow somewhere and a hat and maybe socks. We will see. Might even look today. This is too much fun. Best news, a friend of mine and great player agreed to play as my partner in the Bradenton 2 men best ball June 15th. As a team we certainly are in good shape for a run at something here :). Have to hold off on my clubs, meaning my hybrids. I can not get any new clubs until I know the distances for my new irons and I will not have those for a few as well. So we will see how it goes. Most important, my shots are working great. I have a good feel and around the green I feel very confident. Get some rest for now.

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