Wednesday, May 15, 2013

18 holes at Terra Ceia Bay Goilf Club

Yesterday was my first time I actually made it happen. After a long day working on other projects, I went over to play 18 holes, walking. I am excited to report, that this course offers great opportunity for practice. I will go through this course in more detail in a review or other post. But overall, there is a few par 4s which are all tight and of length just so, that you can hit the driver, but not the green. That makes practicing the driver fun and it will help greatly to play on the big courses, which are all much more wide open. There is 2 par 3s at 190 and 1 par 3 at 210 and 1 at 220. Now that really gives you practice for sure. They all have small greens and lots of trouble around them. Like water in front, bunkers around it and so on. The short par 3s are all challenging. Tight and with plenty of trouble. I also am pleasantly surprised of the quality of the fairways and the greens ( right now sanded and such). My goal is to play 2 times a week minimum until the end of September with short interruptions for 3 day off trips and a vacation in Seattle, where I play tournaments and practice as well as visit family. So , the course offers much of what I am looking for. Practice for 3 wood and driver as well as long par 3s. I walked the course in 2 hours. Next time I take more time. This was just to get going and see the course. Today I will go practice for 3 hours. Same location. First warm up with about 150 chips, then a bucket of irons and last I work on the driver. Using the inside approach practice aid I will work on getting more straighter drives without loosing power and distance. Yesterday I had 4 drives over 280 of which 240 to 250 was flight! Now that is good, but I also had 2 drives going extremely right. Nothing left though. Which that is a good thing. If you want to miss, you want to miss right. After that I will swim for a little and relax on the pool. I need it. My muscles are sore. But that is the best time to practice more. Tired and sore. That will help your mental ability. Rest of the day I am home. This is good. Our lives seem to begin to be so full with that there is literally no family time left. That is not acceptable and certainly does not help my golf :). Luckily we will be on a 3 day off trip soon. Relax , plan, work out, swim and spend time. When talking to golfers at higher levels , you will always hear about two things which are important. Family and off time! I need to learn to organize all of it. One thing is for sure. I am on track. I am excited. I am getting better and after working with a friend I am more determined then ever. Nothing will stop me to accomplish the task :)

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