Friday, May 31, 2013

Playing Bobby Jones Golf Course , the British side , yet again

It is Friday and the game is on. I am excited. My foot is much better. Still I am going to ride a cart today. Usually I am not riding, but I want to make sure I stay in good shape. In order to go through my full time practice plan I need to be in good health. Feeling great. This will be one of the last rounds with my old bodies, my McGregor VIP blades. I am going to miss them. But it is time to move on. For many , many years now I am playing blades. But technology has moved on and so need I. It will be much easier to hit the ball further and have better approach shots. The short game will stay the same and I will play similar wedges. But the mid and long irons will change big time. Just need to do some more research to confirm my results and then decide what irons I actually will play. It is a big decision because I want to execute a practice and playing plan which goes beyond the 1st year and accomplish a defined goal. So every club is exactly planned and build to my specs and I pick it on the actual need. But, today I am in playing mode. It is Friday and I am off to Bobby Jones Golf Complex for the Friday game. It will be interesting. Hope the greens are better. Last time they were so bad, that I was struggling. But, this time I am prepared for them. The goal today is to simply play a good round. Hit fairways and greens. Give myself opportunities and see what I can convert. Specifically my putter I will analyze. There is a good chance I am going back to my blade putter. Simply for the feel. But I am getting ahead of myself. First. Let us play a good round of golf and have some fun.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Got fitted for golf clubs at Bob Van Swedens and had a good pracitce at Terra Ceia

Getting new clubs and get fitted for them is the next big step forward to a better game. The approach is clear. First, get some good irons and do a distance chart. Based on that, pick hybrids and woods as well as wedges. So yesterday I went over to Bob Van Swedens Golfrepair center for a fitting. I picked him, because he seems to have good references from all over. Although I went there with Mizuno JPX 825 Pros in mind, I was open to try whatever he had to over. The process was interesting. First we used the shaft optimizer from Mizuno to determine the correct shaft for my swing. It turned out to be the KBS Tour in regular. That did not come as a surprise. I am playing the KBS Tour stiff right now and I felt, that I should play regular shaft. My swing speed is a little slower and I can use a little extra zip. Next we tried all kinds of club heads from Taylormade, Callaway, Mizuno and Cobra. In the end , it was clear that I had the right feeling. The Mizuno JPX 825 was superior. However, it was not the pro version, but the regular version which I hit the best in terms of distance and accuracy. A game improvement club , which as of Mizuno is for players between 6 and 18 Handicap. I that there lays the problem. I am a 6 Handicap, but going low fast. So the question occurs, are those clubs good for me when I am a 0? I think they are. We worked length, grip size and lie as well. I am pretty much a regular standard. My grips need a couple layers of tape and the lie is 2 up. All not much new to me, but I needed to have the numbers from a computer to be sure. So in the end , we came up with Mizuno JPX 825, with a regular KBS Tour steel shaft, grips with 2 layers and lie angle of 2 degree up. I feel great about that. I got an estimate for the clubs including a sand wedge. But I am not 100 % sure if I want this club. As of now I am thinking GW through 5 iron. 3 and 4 hybrid, 3 W and driver. I like the 5 wood. But I am not sure if I want to leave my LW out of the bag. I can always alternate. The fitting was not 100 % as I expected, but it was good and give me a good insight. Next, I will double check my swing at another location for speed and so on. I think I make my decision this weekend. Also I want to try some of the new grips. I play tour velvet, but would like something softer to take protect my hands a little more . That will cost extra and so I might upgrade later on that one. I woke up with my right foot hurting again. When fitting for the clubs I wore regular shoes and again it did damage to the nerve on my foot. Not bad enough to stop me from playing 18 holes in Terra Ceia ( had to use a cart though) and practice for about 1 hour with my woods. As a matter of fact. I think it helped my hand motion. Played a good round. Actually managed to play many good shots. The rest of the day I will not put much stress on my foot. I am in good shape for Friday and think I will paly it by ear how things work out tomorrow. There is plenty to do in terms of finding more opportunities to play tournaments, allocating funds for sponsorship and equipment. That all is part of creating a professional situation.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Golf Tournament

Now, if that was not an interesting tournament. We played with 6 clubs, rolled dice for every shot but on the green. Interesting how bad I am with rolling them LOL. But , it was a game of skill and fun. The majority of my shots of the tee and on the green I made with my PW and SW. Whenever I got a real club in my hand I was able to help the team. Did not do that great with the clubs on the green. The greens were sanded and tough as it was. I am very satisfied with my hybrid play and my short game otherwise. With a handicap like mine it is pretty tough to make points. It was very nicely organized. We had a raffle, 50/50. I think Bob and Michelle, the managers, did a great job to put it together. Food was good as well. Now there is 2 day no course play. My feet are tired. My left food needs some serious rest. So tomorrow , no play or practice. Just staying around the home. Memorial day I will do nothing. It is family time. We will just spend time together at home and then have a nice BBQ with a neighbor. Tuesday I will start with full force again. First on the agenda, shoes. There is no doubt, that good shoes are crucial to play. Thing is. I practice and play so much , that I will alternate with one old pair. Two will go. I think a couple pairs are mandatory. Tuesday I will also find out when I will get the Swingbyte analyzer and I can not tell you how excited I am to get it. This will be a huge step forward. Then we do the fitting and will get the new clubs on order. That is excited as well. I am so good with my little blades, that I can not wait to see how I do with new technology. The preparation starts for June 15th at River Run, where we play a best pall 2 men tournament. It will be fun, tough and interesting. Terra Ceia Bay is the ideal place to prepare for this tournament, which we intent to win. I can hardly describe how excited I am right now. The opportunity to play. Whenever I am out there, playing each shot, practicing, spending time at the club house, tournaments, the constant fight within to keep going and make it happen. I think , that this is how it feels when you found a passion which to pursue relentlessly. Knowing that you are able to make it happen if given enough opportunities. I think golf, I plan golf, I feel golf and I live golf. Maybe a little late, but I know, that I found what I was looking for :). Now we just have to create some circumstances which will compliment our life, work, my golf and whatever we plan. So , what I am trying to say is, that once you found your passion and start living it, you have something , some will never know how it feels nor will they understand. One more months and the first half year of my mission is over. I will not write about my thoughts about what we accomplished, simply because we are not there yet :). But , stay tune and read more exciting stories of my tournament play, the fight to make it happen, practice and much more. Happy Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

18 holes at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club

Todays practice was mainly to get ready for tomorrows Bobby Jones Friday round and for the Memorial Day tournament. Warmed up with irons only at first, .but then decided to hit a few woods. It paid of. I had a good round. 2 penalties and some bad lies and yet a 67. Sounds huge, but not to forget, that it is a par 62. However, still a great round on this tight little thing with the long par 3s. Longest today was 217. Interesting hole. Pretty much no room for error. After the round, 100 chips to relax and a cold beer :). It was sooo hot today out there and I am walking. But I feel great. Have a good feeling for the shots. The sun is making me tired though. I am ready for tomorrow at Bobby Jones and for the weekend. However, the weekend will be a fun tournament. 6 clubs, rolling dice for what to use. Which results in situations where you might hit a tee off with a PW or a putt with a Driver. It will be fun. Also there is a dress up contest. It is Memorial day weekend. We have USA flags on the greens. That means, no laying down. All putts need to be tended. Further the theme is red, blue and white. So dress up is on the agenda. We have cool prices to win. I hope I can find a Loudmouth USA tomorrow somewhere and a hat and maybe socks. We will see. Might even look today. This is too much fun. Best news, a friend of mine and great player agreed to play as my partner in the Bradenton 2 men best ball June 15th. As a team we certainly are in good shape for a run at something here :). Have to hold off on my clubs, meaning my hybrids. I can not get any new clubs until I know the distances for my new irons and I will not have those for a few as well. So we will see how it goes. Most important, my shots are working great. I have a good feel and around the green I feel very confident. Get some rest for now.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pfingsten is a German Holliday and I use it as my second day off - resting day

Woke up well rested today. The sun is out and my muscles are much better. Seems like the rest starts paying off already. So much I really did not do much at all for anything. Today I will do some swimming and sitting on the pool. Not just enjoying the sun, but also working online. Reading about golf, writing reviews and communicate with friends who I did not have contact with for a long time. Things which I can not get done when I have those busy days, which there is many coming up this week and the month to come. Being 45 I have to say, that days are not that easy to go through any more. I at times get tired faster then with 25. That is not a complaint but more an observation and I can easily work with that. Off to breakfast and then to the pool. Let us see what we can accomplish today while enjoying the Beau Rivage Pool area :) .

Sunday, May 19, 2013

3 day vacation at the Beau Rivate in Biloxi , MS

After 2 weeks of intense practice and play, my muscles need to rest. My left arm did not feel good Saturday. Clearly my muscles are not used to play that much and practice that much. On top I did some physical work during the week, which did not help. It makes Fridays round even more exciting. Nevertheless. Today is the first day of real rest in weeks. Actually slept in for the first time un a long time. Muscles are relaxing. Just looking at the water from our hotel room. There is absolutely no physical work on the agenda. We will do some walking, resting, watching and enjoy some good food. Next week will be a big week again. Playing two competitive rounds of golf. One at Bobby Jones in Sarasota. This is an important round. I play with good golfers and they are watching me, as they do know my plans and my goals. The second at Terra Ceia, my practice course. There I can show my ability to play a tight course and make it happen. Wed and Thu is practice on the agenda. Not sure if I can fit some work in between. We will see. So you might thing, how do I fit any productive action for my goal in those 3 days. I do not believe that I always have to do that. When you speak with pro golfers around the globe, you will learn, that for many golf is not even number 1 on the list. As a matter of fact. Family is for most number 1. As it is for me. So taking some days off thinking about it or playing it is not only good, but will help you to be better in upcoming play and practice. But, this weekend I am not taking entirely off. There is other work to do. Write articles, reviews, work on websites, communicate with family and friends or are interested in our plan, work on finding funds to support the task and much more. Difference is, that I take it easy. I do it sitting on the pool or overseeing the bay. But no stress and no rush. Just do it when time is available and then do not do too much. Little at a time. Still need to find a golf bag, still need to find other equipment. Next week I measure my golf swing. I am so excited about getting new golf clubs I can not even tell. Imagine what can happen. Right now I am able to play good golf with little tiny blade clubs which have a sweet spot of a penny. No forgiveness at all. yet I am able to find this sweet spot. But it gets harder and the clubs play short. Now I am getting clubs with a sweet spot of 2 quarters. This makes me want to think, that I can not miss hit a shot at all ( which is wrong, because there is always a chance for a miss hit, not matter who you are). But it will make life so much easier. They are lighter, they vibrate less. This will be a big step forward for the next 12 to 24 months. That is how long you can plan ahead in todays world. But maybe longer. It depends on my results. Still struggling to make a decision what model to get and where though. I will do some fittings and then make a decision based on what I find. In combination with the swing analyzer, which I still not have , but will add to my equipment ASAP, I will be able to make a good decision and move my practice up a level towards more professional approach. BTW I have to mention , that before I played the round last Friday , I worked for 1 hour with an old practice aid, The Inside Approach. This is a great item to work with on the range. It does not supplement the analyzer or flight scope or track man, but it does help you visually work on the approach from the inside because you have an obstacle right in front of you. It does not help you with speed, rhythm and you will not learn about your attack angle. Fact is, that the number which are very important can only come from one source and that is a machine like Trackman or an analyzer ( up to a point) which you can attach to the club or glove depending. I will write a review on The Inside Approach later and you find it on my website. For now, enjoy your Sunday as well as I will :).

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tatum Ridge Golf LInks in Sarasota - A great round of golf

Reflecting on yesterdays round at Tatum Ridge, I am very satisfied. I put all my practice to work and played a good round of golf. 74 , two over par was my end result and I was excited about it. My goal was to put the ball in the fairway and then attack the green and get it on or close to the green. Better in front of it. My short game is doing very well and I work on it most of the time, so I can really use it. The front nine worked out great and I was under par after a few holes, but then had to give back a stroke. Ended with par 36. That is a good result. Putting was ok, drives were short, but I did not miss one fairway. The back I started with a birdie right away and had a good feel, but had to give 3 strokes to the course over the 9 holes. Had a great sand save on a par 5. Almost lost the ball in the water trying to hit for the big one, but found a bunker which is right on the water. Had a great hybrid out of the bunker and only had 60 yards left. My approach missed the green a little left and I had to put of the fringe. But I got a par out of it, which is wonderful after this risky tee shot trying to fly 230 yards over the water. That was the only bigger risk I really took. All my practice starts to pay off and I will increase my practice hours and play hours after my 3 day break. Due to work I did and the huge amount off balls I hit for practice, my muscles are a little over done and sore. I need to get used to full time action. So 3 days of rest, pool, reflection and quality family time is on the agenda. Feels good :). I am extremely thankful for all the support I get and yesterday was the first indication that I am on track. There will be rounds in the next weeks which are not that great, but that is simply golf. Fact is , slowly but surely I am working my way towards scratch and the year is long.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

18 holes at Terra Ceia Bay Goilf Club

Yesterday was my first time I actually made it happen. After a long day working on other projects, I went over to play 18 holes, walking. I am excited to report, that this course offers great opportunity for practice. I will go through this course in more detail in a review or other post. But overall, there is a few par 4s which are all tight and of length just so, that you can hit the driver, but not the green. That makes practicing the driver fun and it will help greatly to play on the big courses, which are all much more wide open. There is 2 par 3s at 190 and 1 par 3 at 210 and 1 at 220. Now that really gives you practice for sure. They all have small greens and lots of trouble around them. Like water in front, bunkers around it and so on. The short par 3s are all challenging. Tight and with plenty of trouble. I also am pleasantly surprised of the quality of the fairways and the greens ( right now sanded and such). My goal is to play 2 times a week minimum until the end of September with short interruptions for 3 day off trips and a vacation in Seattle, where I play tournaments and practice as well as visit family. So , the course offers much of what I am looking for. Practice for 3 wood and driver as well as long par 3s. I walked the course in 2 hours. Next time I take more time. This was just to get going and see the course. Today I will go practice for 3 hours. Same location. First warm up with about 150 chips, then a bucket of irons and last I work on the driver. Using the inside approach practice aid I will work on getting more straighter drives without loosing power and distance. Yesterday I had 4 drives over 280 of which 240 to 250 was flight! Now that is good, but I also had 2 drives going extremely right. Nothing left though. Which that is a good thing. If you want to miss, you want to miss right. After that I will swim for a little and relax on the pool. I need it. My muscles are sore. But that is the best time to practice more. Tired and sore. That will help your mental ability. Rest of the day I am home. This is good. Our lives seem to begin to be so full with that there is literally no family time left. That is not acceptable and certainly does not help my golf :). Luckily we will be on a 3 day off trip soon. Relax , plan, work out, swim and spend time. When talking to golfers at higher levels , you will always hear about two things which are important. Family and off time! I need to learn to organize all of it. One thing is for sure. I am on track. I am excited. I am getting better and after working with a friend I am more determined then ever. Nothing will stop me to accomplish the task :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Goot up early and ready for practice before work

Yes, I do work LOL. Lucky to not have to work full time. I know I should not work at all and focus on the game, but at this point this is not always possible. But that does not hold me back to get my practice in. Got up at 5 30 am and do all my work online. Next, getting ready and off to the range for about 75 minutes of practice. Home, shower, off to work. Not sure how long I will do today. After work, back on the range or even play 9 holes. Depending on how things go. This is exciting. Almost the perfect life. It is a long way to success and then the question is what is success? Well I have a defined goal and know where to go and I am getting closer. But wee accomplished one huge step. Doing what I like to do most , most of the time. Now there is a good one LOL. This morning my focus will be to hit irons and wedges yet again. There is not enough time to work on the driver. I will get back to that later or tomorrow. The driver and 3 wood will be the key to further success. Distance is a key. Although, looking at the last PGA tournament this is not entirely true for all players. Distance will help, but does not guarantee success. Ok, another coffee and off to get it done. With one of my golf heroes in mind. “I know where I am and I know which way I'm going, ... Only winning will satisfy me. You don't think it is possible? It is very possible.” Seve Ballesteros

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Players Championship and what I can learn from it

Tiger won again. I like Tiger. He is a great player and he played. Only one player played better, Sergio. At least until the difficult 17th at TPC. There , Sergio made a huge mental error, which is not easy to forgive. Coming in with a share of the lead with two holes to go, knowing that Tiger has to play 18 and make birdie to pull away one more time it is beyond any imagination why he would go for the short approach instead of going to the middle back. After seeing Jeff hitting the water, there we go. Sergio hits the water. For sure one shot lost if a bogey is played and with a birdie at 18th still a chance for a play off. But , he did the one thing I would have never done. He made another attempt. So there I am , working all year for this moment. Then make a mistake. What would I do? I would walk to the drop area. get the distance, chip it on and try for bogey with a pretty good change to get it done. Fall back to 12 under and have a shot at a birdie on 18 to tie Tiger. But, he hits another one, which goes into the water yet again, just to follow up with yet another shot to put it on and two put. 4 strokes lost for nothing. Lots of $ lost for his caddie and himself. Simply not acceptable. The tee shot on 18 was pure frustration. No Tiger did not win. Sergio won it for him. He clearly was the better player all week. But that is golf. So in the end. Tiger won, is celebrated and he played very good, no doubt about it. But this week also showed, that things are in the making. Sergio plays well every week. I felt sad for Sergio. I am not sure if he knew what he was doing there. On the other hand. That is golf. You make a decision and you follow through with that. Then you deal with the result. Golf is so much like life, most people will never understand. The good news is. There is another week coming. Another chance, another round. Tiger will remain the best out there and all others will go back and work on their game. Until Tuesday next week, when it all starts all over again. This is a great sport. What did I learn? Immediately as the first ball went into the water, I said: I'd go to the drop area. Expecting he will. But he did not. I learned that I was right. But who knows. What if I would have been on this tee box, with thousands of spectators? I will not find out until I am in a situation like that. But for now. I can go and get rest knowing, that I do a great job preparing, practicing, learning and believing. That I am doing the right thing to move up in the ranks of golf here and wherever I will play and that I love every minute of it. Congrats to Tiger for winning, to Jeff for playing well, to Sergio for always saying what is on his mind and to all the other players who show, that anything is possible out there at all times.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bobby Jones Game and practice today

Had a really good round yesterday. Shot 81. Does not sound too good. However, it was incredible. 3 double bogeys, 2 penalties. That explains it right there. Made a couple wrong decisions in terms of club selection. But I noted for next time and will make the adjustment. My driver is still not working right. My weight shift is not good and my distance is suffering. Had 3 good drives all day. 2 pars and 1 birdie. There we go. If I get it out there, my scoring irons can go to work and I am on. Bunker shots were fine as well. So practice works. Todays practice was good. My focus was on my scoring irons. 100 to 130 yards and some shorter irons. Feel great about them and am getting real consistent with them. Did chipping and then lob shots. Both was good. Plan is to do 1500 to 2000 scoring shots next week, play 3 rounds of golf. 2 practice one at Tatum Ridge Golf Links. This will be our Friday game. Then wee have 3 off days which we spend a long weekend out of town. This is the only way we actually get some time for us. With all the work, play and practice there needs to be some time to just sit, swim, relax. My next tournament is a little out. As a matter of fact, probably will not play another tournament until June 15th. That will give me time to prepare, get my new equipment and organize other things. The spectrum of practice during those three days needs to be determined. We will see. In all, I am very satisfied with my progress and I believe that I am on track to reach my goal. Exciting. I am extremely thankful that I can do what I do and for all the support I get.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Practice round at River Run Links

Started my full time play today. 18 holes at River Run . Thought I walk, but because of time issues I had to take a cart. What was ok. Main goal today was to hit the driver and hit it hard and long. Had troubles to do that. There was not much more to be done there. The greens just got sanded and pocked. Putting was impossible and chipping was not either. Was like playing in a bunker LOL. However, still could work on approach shots and whatever came along. The best news is that I can play there for little money all summer and get lots of long and tight par 4s in. Most important, I was playing, I will play tomorrow and from here on every day :). Looking forward to play tomorrow at Bobby Jones for the weekly game. Just a little worried about my driver. Just can not hit it long enough while being straight. There is a lot of work to be done. I will focus on it for the most part for the next weeks. As I am getting ready for new irons, it will not make sense to work on long irons as much because of the upcoming change. That will give me time for hybrids, 3 wood ( which I will need to change soon as well) and short game. Plenty of work :). Next getting some rest. I researched for simulators and analyzers for hours now and am not making progress. It will be crucial to buy the right analyzer to get the bet results. But no rush for now. This weekend my out door practice area is on the agenda. Wonder what I can accomplish :).

Playing River Run Golf Links in Bradenton

Today my official practice starts. 3 to 4 times a week golf, every day practice, at times on off day. First round will be played at River Run Golf in Bradenton. Not a top of the line course. But it is tough. Tight course, water. This will be good practice to get more accurate while gaining distance. It is a nice day out and not to warm yet. I will walk most of the round I will play. So I get some of the much needed exercise in. There will not be much time for the gym, if at all. But that is ok. I do not like to be inside in this weather anyway. Will write a review on the course later tonight. Hope to get into the write mode a little more again. And I am not talking about the blogs. Best is, I feel great. My mind is settled, my body is in ok shape. This feels different then a few weeks ago. Feels like I am ready to go the next step towards the goal I have in mind.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Practice schedule and playing schedule is organized

I am excited. Today it got done. I finally have a home base for full time practice and play. This is exciting. Thousands of balls are waiting to be used for practice. Dozens of rounds to be played. What a relieve. Finally serious progress. 1 more step towards a more professional approach to the mission. I have picked 3 local facilities to do my full time practice with my home base being at Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club. Practice play will be at River Run Golf links, Terra Ceia Bay Golf Club, Bobby Jones Golf Complex, Timber Creek and alternating higher grade courses plus tournaments. Now that is a serious schedule. Also very excited about communication with Mizuno office about mixed sets. They agreed that it is a good idea and gave me some tips about fitting. One of the best club fitters in Tampa Bay area confirmed that he will help me to get fitted 100 % right. So I will start working on that next week. Only a few ends need to be put together and I am on track. Over the weekend I will set a tournament schedule and start to enter and sign up for the upcoming months so I can work targeted to that. This is getting more and more professional. Spoke with an LPGA teacher today and I will get analyzed soon by her. This will be interesting. But she seems to be open to work together on improvement, advertisement and so on. Good networking is coming soon. Todays practice was great. About 250 chips. Getting closer and more accurate every time I am out there. Short lob shot is also improving. Then I did about 50 wedges and the reset I did easy drives to relax. Tomorrow is playing day. 18 holes at River Run Golf Links. Main goal is to hit greens in regulations. Working on the driver to be ready for Friday for the skins game at Bobby Jones. I smell some birdies coming my way. Although we are playing the British course, which is not the course we usually play. But, no problem. Gives me even more experience. I am still searching for a customized golf bag and sure could use some advise and help. This is top priority. Looking for a bag with embroidery or print. My name and my website. Should be a light cart bag. Stand bag might be an option in certain cases. Also looking for custom made hats.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Sarasota City Championship successfully ended

It has been a while since I sat down wrote. I am sure some of you were wondering or waiting. There is so much to do, that at times it is difficult to find the time for writing. The City Championship ended this weekend. I was a good weekend on which I played two good rounds of golf and managed to win the 4th flight. That is not exactly the championship, but, it is huge improvement over the last year and the rounds I played had potential for under par rounds. The interesting part is, that in both rounds I did not play my A game. As a matter of fact. Off the tee I was not good at all. There were a few good drives, but mostly I played it safe and simply tried to get the ball in play. My game plan was to rely on my short game and it paid off. With all the extensive practice I did, I was able to work around the green with great pitching, chipping and putting. 80 % of my practice is 130 and in. I will strictly continue to do just that. The last two rounds, both 78, showed me, that this is a key. Not that this is news. When you listen to any pro on TV or read in magazines and books, they would tell you the same thing all the time. However, it is forgotten by many. Also very satisfying was the fact, that I used some mental techniques to keep me in focus, which I read about in different books. When ever I was in a more difficult position for my second or 3rd shot, I closed my eyes for a few seconds and thought about something or a situation were I was extremely happy and relaxed. In my case both of those things occurred many times in Cala Millor Spain. I.e. at a place named Zapfsaeule. Which is a little bar like restaurant right on the beach. Anyway, whenever I did that, my pulse went down and my focus came back to the shot on hand. My best shot being a fairway bunker shot with a difficult stand. I had to play a long draw to get close on this par 5 and managed to get the shot not only done, but had less yards into the green then I was thinking. Incredible. I also managed to not talk much and just play my game. So, the past few weeks were all worth it and I made tremendous progress with my game and execution of it. It is nice to win again and the price money is much needed and welcome. NOt sure what I do with it. I need balls, equipment and such. At the same time, I usually turn those certificate into cash for our living and golf. We will see how it goes. It was all fun, the people were nice and we had a good time. I took Monday off. My left arm was hurting. Not much , but it was. Clearly one of my muscles is not yet used to all the play. So I used sports cream and rest to get it done. Should have made some shakes for muscle recovery, but forgot. Today I am in great shape again and ready to continue. First there is some computer work to be done, then off to Terra Ceia Bay Golf for short game practice. Chipping and pitching. Then a small bucket of drivers to stay in the mode. It looks like I will be able to get a range card there. After thinking and debating what I am going to do to keep my practice going and more professional, Terra Ceia Bay seems like a good option for a few reasons. Distance is good, price is good and there is nobody there. Not the idea range though. Hard to find even lies on the iron side, balls are in bad condition, at least 80 % of them and the range is usually to short. However, there is spots to find for good lies and the wood tees are ok. There is two ways I can hit on this range so I can increase my drivers distance. The ball flight will need to be disregarded a lot. The balls simply do not reflect the true ball flight on this range. That does not count for short game shots. I would say that every thing up to 100 yards is in pretty good shape and I could go by the 15 to 20 % distance rule. Shot shape needs to be disregarded. In any case, I will be able to hit hundreds of balls every week to get my swing even more confident and that is what counts. So I am excited to move on and in the future I am sure I will find a range or country club which will provide ideal conditions like The Founders Club or such. One step at a time. After all it is also a budget panning thing. My practice play I will do around the area. I found many options where I can ply 18 holes for 10 $ on an ok course and other ways to practice my short game for hours for 5 to 10 $ on short courses. Again, all these options are not ideal, but they are all workable and fit into the plan at this point. There is no doubt, that within 6 months I will see huge improvement towards the scratch level, which is the goal by the end of the year. This week I will go measure for my new golf clubs. I am so excited to do that. Looks like I will pick Golfsmith to get my stats, but I need to make calls for that first. One I got my numbers, I can order the clubs through them as well. They have good policies and good deals. Might even have a coupon. I am still not sure if I shall change my wedges as well or if I should wait with that. Usually all should be done, but I feel good with them even if they are small. So GW through 5 irons probably it will be for now. That will be a huge step forward to get more serious and to make it easier on myself. On the other hand , it will be a small set back for a few weeks. After playing for decades with smaller heads and muscle backs it will be a big change. So all is well. My online work is still behind and there was no success in finding more partners at this point. But , I have a feeling there will be more funding and more help coming along soon. Meanwhile, I am still hoping for the Realtor Charity event. I also was asked to play in the two men best ball Bradenton City. But I have no partner for that yet. The Golf Channel Tour Legacy challenge would be next on my schedule, but I am not entered there yet either. My tournament schedule is not satisfying at all. Usually the year should be planned and set for the entire year and I am not even close to that. Still learning LOL. But for now, I will start the day and get things done today. As always , I am open to suggestions and ideas. Remember to visit my website.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting ready for the Sarasota City Championship 2013 final weekend

Looks like another wet day here in Bradenton, but at least it is not raining as heavy. So I am hopeful that I can do 4 hours of practice today. Need to stay in shape for the upcoming weekend. My main focus will be 130 yards and in. Starting with 2 hours of chipping and bunker play, 1 hour of irons and 1 hour of hybrids and driver. Putting I can do at home on my putting green. I was satisfied with my putting, but after trying some blade putters , I am not so sure if am actually going with my best option at this point. But that is something we think about after this tournament. I feel good over all. Yesterday I worked on chipping and the feel is there. But still, I had two days without full practice, which is unacceptable and not satisfying at all. An indoor practice area or a car port like roof in the back of the house need to be coming asap so I do not have days like that. Next week I am working on making a few steps forward to that goal. First I will get myself a swing analyzer. This little piece of equipment which is attached to your club and gives you valuable data about your swing is a must on the list. Should have gotten it months ago. Next I look for a metal car port. Maybe I find one used or free somewhere ( if you know of someone giving one away, let me know , I come measure it, if in FL). Last , I need to clean my garage of any not needed stuff so I can use it for my golf project. There is plenty of room to swing clubs, just to much stuff in there to do so. Most stuff is not needed and can go away. But today we will not think about that any further. Practice and internet work is on the agenda as well as allocating more partners, funds and sponsors. All together that will keep me busy all day until late night today. I found some interesting websites in regards to sponsorship and funding. Need to read up on that and see if that is something helpful. Ever heard of indiego? Sounds like an interesting concept. Just not sure if I can actually work with that for all of our plans. But , I will explore it. Our time is ticking every day and we are behind with pretty much everything there is in terms accomplishing goals. One of my biggest challenges is the fact, that practically all golf related work for my mission is done by myself. That is not good. There is enough work to be done to keep 3 people busy. The internet is something I like to do. But I hope I can get it to a point that we can pay someone to do it so I can get back all those hours for what is important. Tournament research is on the back burner. I have no idea where I am going to play over the next few weeks. Anyone knows of Charity events I can paly and help? Sponsor? Give merchandise? I should play 1 tournament a week, every week. So , the next step of finding more time for what is important to me, playing and practicing golf, will be to find help. Not sure exactly how I will organize that, but in order to be able to accomplish the goal I can no further spend hours and hours of time doing things which need to be done, but take away time from the main issue. Ideas are welcome. Suggestions are wanted. Volunteers greeted with open arms. Now, breakfast, coffee and getting ready for my first session.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is raining in Bradenton - can I practice anyway?

Sure I can. Just not outside. It is raining cats and dogs and I can not afford to get sick. So I am for now working on admin work, website and promoting myself. After all I am a one man operations at this point for the most part and so there is 3 to 4 jobs which need to be filled LOL. My practice will be chipping and putting. Pretty much the most important part of the game anyhow. I can do that in my home practice area without problem. The other part of the day I will continue to work on partnerships for my websites and myself. When you check out you will find progress in different areas. However, it is a slow process. My personal website is on the back burner completely. But there is just not enough time in a day to get it all done. One of the most exiting partner ships I have to report is with Medicus! Medicus produces some wonderful practice aids which I use and used myself. I have not written a short review on it as my last session was a little while ago and I want to do it fresh. Only 3 more days for the second part of the Sarasota City at Bobby Jones. My 3rd round tee time is 8 08 am. Little early for me, but it is what it is and I will work with it. It is daylight at 7. So that gives me 1 hour to warm up. I will swing my driver a lot tomorrow and Friday and then just a few times Saturday morning. My focus will be on the range at Bobby and wherever to work on my 130 yards and short game as well as the 175 yard shot in different shapes. Further I will hit about 200 bunker shots to make sure I will not make mistakes like last weekend. Not sure what flight I am actually playing in, but it really does not matter. You play, you qualify, you give it your best shot to get the best result. No matter what flight you are in. On the tour. You play, you see to make the cut, you play a third round and then see where you start on Sunday. Not that you can choose where you start. You always give your best and learn from every shot and situation. I think I will use the time also for some research on mental practice I can do myself. I have to learn to put myself in a better state of mind. To focus 100 % on the task on hand with all my body and senses. I strongly believe, that this will move me forward big time. The Original Medicus Golf Training Club, The Medicus Dual Hinge 2000 5 Iron! Order Now, Save 20% And Receive Free Bonus DVD & Free Shipping!

Suncoast Golf Center practice and off day today

Yesterday I went to Suncoast Golfcenter and did a short session. It was not good. They put the tees all the way to the front. Downhill tee box with nothing but sand. It was not fun and not worth the money. However I made the best out of it and did wedge shots. After all I might encounter lies just like that. My driver was off yesterday. Just could not get rhythm going, so I will work on it tomorrow again. Today I will stay home and take care of family. Priorities need to always be set right. But I will practice at home and do short game and some rhythm practice. Tomorrow I am out on the range again and then the weekend is here. 3 days of golf. Full power. I am excited and ready to go.