Monday, April 29, 2013

Trying the JPX 825 from Mizuno and doing some short game practice

After a long weekend I first thought I will go right back to practice. But my shoulder told me otherwise and I had to take it slow. So I did 1 hour of short game, which is the key to everything. Went to Tatum Ridge Golf Course in Sarasota. I hit 120 35 yard approach shots from 3 different locations with 3 different clubs. PW, SW and LW. It looked good and my feel gets better by the day. The great news is that my shoulder actually god better. I still did not want to overdue it. Today I also went to Edwin Watts and Golfsmith to try the JPX 825 and JPX 825 pro by Mizuno. What a fantastic golf club. Both models are very nice. I hit a 7 iron and later the 6 iron. They fell so smooth. The sweet spot is huge, compared to my little tiny blades and even with a miss you still get a pretty good shot out of it. They are much lighter then the old things and look good. So I think my mind is pretty much set on which route I am going to go. However, I need to go back one more time and see if I can hit the 5 iron. If I could do so, I would use the 5 iron and take my Quick Strike out of the bag. Only question left is where to fit? I rally have to find the right place. This will be a club for long term. Like a couple of years or so. So , it needs to fit and be right and matching the goals I have within the next few months. Anybody playing those clubs? Let me hear it. What is you experience? What shaft are you playing. Overall, the Mizuno JPX 825 pro was my favorite and soon I will write reviews on that one on our website. You can check it out on our equipment page at . Further, we need help with our website and are looking for a full service provider who can help to set up the site with a different software. I have a hard time finding the time to work on it all the time and yet it is crucial that all websites run. Tomorrow I will do a 3 to 4 hour practice session and will take easy. No driver yet. Just irons. It is exciting. I absolutely believe, that with the new equipment, my game will improve dramatically within a few weeks. So there is hope :) .

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