Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Founders Club in Sarasota , Florida - a favorite golf course of mine

Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing on what you have to gain. by unknown This is what I was supposed to have mad part of my mental game yesterday, but was not able too. When playing my last round , I harvested many fruits of my better practice during the past 3 weeks. The work paid off. Finally. Although far behind of what I need to do, I am getting closer with my work. Meaning, I am playing more balls, have a better plan, work more targeted as well. Really like the team effort. Going to practice with 2 people has many advantages, but most important to me is the fact of being able to talk and discuss things. Talk about moves, about ideas and so on. Develop goals and then work on those goals. Being 45 some might think it is too late to reach a certain level of play. I have to disagree. There is absolutely no limit if the work is put in, if there is a group of people believing and being part of it and most important, if the person reaching out to the goal and dream is 100 % committed in action and though. I am getting more and more closer to exactly that point. I think golf, I play golf, I sleep golf, I love golf and everything about it. The result yesterday was great. I missed only 1 fairway! Having a shot at the green every single time. I controlled my driver so good, that I hit between 220 and 280, taking my 3 wood out of the game. I like it. My approach shots were great. Reaching many greens in regulation from 100 to 200 yards with various golf clubs. A huge step forward and a confidence gainer. It is so satisfying to be able to get this ball on the green. Really did not matter where. I need to work on distance and aim a little more. The shaping of shots went well, but there is many practice shots to be done to get it fine tuned. I had two fairway shots with my hybrid, which both were perfect and one with my 3 wood, which I caught high and lost distance but good line. Most exciting was my wedge game. 2 very difficult bunker shots I was able to pull of and make par. Then there was the bunker shot at 17. I left it short and my ball was embedded right under the edge of the bunker, being in the sand 3/4 quarters. I worked for almost 3 minutes to make a decision on what to do and then decided to play it to the left. Trying to get the ball into the fairway in front of the green for a chip. I took a good swing at it and it came out. But not only that, it actually had so much side spin, that it landed forward on the green. Unbelievable. I was putting for par and saved bogey . I was happy. Which brings the following quote to mind “No one has as much luck around the greens as one who practices a lot.” Chi Chi Rodriguez quote My chips and pitches were not only on target, but I actually put them exactly where I wanted them, getting great results and opportunities. I will continue my short game work as I do. This will be great. I set myself up for great opportunities for birdies and pars. However, here comes the first sentence into play, I literally sucked in execution. I missed about 10 putts within 7 feet!!! a few of them within 4 feet!!! Can you imagine? I mean. I agree, that a 7 food putt is not the easiest. But 4 foot putts? Please. We played on a stemp meter of 11 to 12 and I left downhill putts short. How is that for touch LOL. I just did not get it done. Instead of shooting 75 I shot 88 and greatly because of my putting. Not good. On 18 I topped it. I actually lost my ball after a good drive to the right. True, there is 8 eyes watching, but I guess not at that hole at that time LOL. So I drove back and hit another drive, which was a good one. Right in the center of the fairway on 18. played a nice lay up shot, put my ball right to the green, chipped it on and putted it out from 30 feet. Figure that putt. I am happy to report , that I kept my cool throughout the round. I am an verbal player, but I stayed focused and went about my game and my shots. This round represents a big step forward in my plan and my development. It was a hot golf day on top of it and it was good for my conditioning. Next big steps will find the right irons, a bag and some other items. Today was resting and family day. Well deserved. Tomorrow we do some short game practice and Thursday I am bag working on it for Friday. Followed up with 3 days off for planning, organizing, editing and talking with team , friends. I am excited. That is a fact and soon it gets better. Nothing is impossible. Period. Still looking for partners and people with a vision for something great we can do together.

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