Monday, April 29, 2013

Sarasota City Cahmpionship

Friday was my practice round at Bobby Jones Golf Complex. Shot a good round of golf and am satisfied with what I accomplished after last weeks beginning of full time practice. My swing looks good and I just need to stay at it to get more distance and even more confidence in my mid irons. I am still playing with my little blades and last weekend, I found out that it actually does have an impact on my result. Amazing, but true. Saturdays round at the championship was ok. I was able to give myself chances for birdies, of which I made 1 ! Now , that is not enough to play a good round of golf, but it is progress. I was able to hit greens in regulation and at least have a shot at it. Got good pars out of it. My driver was dependable and I did not make mistakes with it. Only a few situations where I had some obstruction in form of a tree. But then I still had a shot. My fairway play was ok. Best was my 4 hybrid. This is my most dependable club I use in the fairway or rough when going for the green. Kind of a utility wood I think of it. Funny, but this club does not even belong to me. It is a borrowed club. My short irons are very good. My 6 iron is fine, but I need some more distance there. Best are my wedges. Everything from 100 yards in I am feeling confident and can execute almost any shot. So that is a great step forward. Chipping is good, but I need to work harder and more on it to make it even easier for me to execute the shot. Putting was good as well and I got the ball to the hole , but left it short on several occasions again, even down hill. So you might ask , why I did I shot 83 if I am satisfied with my game? Simple answer: Mistakes! If you would look at my score card you would see 4 double bogeys and 4 bogeys. Those scores do not help, but even more important , how they developed does not help. One hole for example. Dog leg right par 4 number 7. This hole calls for a fade over some big trees in order to have a good shot into the green. When I was setting up , I did so with a little bit to much fade stands and then had a super fast swing, trying to make it go left to right. I sure did and I flew right into the trees towards the water. The great news was , I did not make the water and I was 1 yard from being OB. I did not have a good shot at the green, but I could see parts of it. Had water in front of me, 3 palms trees in front of the green and some trees to the right. I had three shots to pick. I decided to pick 2nd option. Take a 6 iron and go for it. Mistake! I tried to clear the palm trees and hit it at the top, which made my ball fall down right behind it, leaving me nothing but a chip shot for the fairway, which I did. My approach was ok, but not good enough to save bogey. 3 mistakes on one hole. 1. Trying to cut it to much and have a short 2nd shot, 2. Instead of going for the fairway and play three into the green, trying to hit the perfect shot over the trees, out of the trees with a downhill lie. 3. Approach to aggressive. Should have put it below the flag for an uphill put. Similar stories you can tell on other holes. Now I have to say, that for most golfers who would be on the same hole in similar situations, a 6 would feel like a birdie to them. But I can easily make a par out of it. In all , the first round was ok and I will work on my mistakes and certainly I look forward to my new equipment. Round 2 was a mixed round. Again I gave myself a chance, but it was like a roller coaster. I played 3 good birdies and some good pars, but then I shot a couple doubles and one triple. On 18 I had a good driver and 150 into the hole. Wide open. All I had to do was put it close to the green or on it. Instead, I did the impossible and hit it OB left behind the green. Incredible bad shot. So I put it on the green, laying 4 and a long putt. I put my putt within 2 feet and then missed the 2 foot putt, getting a 7. Frustrating. I did not take enough time. My fault. But that hole cost me 4 strokes!!!! and a good round of golf in which I came back from bad situations. I answered a double bogey with a birdie ( btw, that was on number 7 which I wrote about above. Perfect driver, approach within 4 feet and perfect putt) and I answered bad drives with very good ones. The score turned out to be 1 worse then the day before. So can you imagine who your mind will work? Played 14 great holes and yet end up with a bad score ( in my mind bad score that is). Overall, it was a good weekend, I was walking and able to do so. My muscles are a little sore, but I can work on that. Not sure how I can practice today, but I will give it a shot. Need to get ready for next week. No matter were you stand in the tournament, you want to play the best you can and give yourself a chance to win a flight, no matter which one. We had one player in our group walking of the course because he would not play in the championchip flight since he played poor. This is not acceptable. It is more important to him what people see published , then playing the game and being a sportsman with respect. I have no tolerance on any level for that. It shows a certain part of character which I do not find very attractive. I am not excited about my score, but I gave it all I got and actually saved many strokes. There is many players out there who would love to shot those scores from the back tees on any course LOL. Now back to breakfast and get ready for the day.

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