Monday, April 1, 2013

Sarabay Country Club - Toughest greens in Florida?

Wow, another interesting round to say the least. While I do not believe, that those greens are the toughest greens, some actually think so. I agree, that they are fast and shaped in a way which can cost you some nerves. I again won the battle against myself. It is so sad, that you can do all the shots, shape them as you like and yet are not able to do it when it counts. It took me 15 holes to hit a good drive. A little late in the end. Not that the others were impossible, but my average was up to 250, which would be enough to give myself chances on this coursed and yet, today I was not able to hold it in the fairway. When I did, I was out to long for a good shot at the green. Give me up to a 4 iron, I am getting there and can do it, give me longer , it is getting harder. If I would go through my shots hole by hole, you might think, fine. Does not sound that bad and you are right. There is always some good shots and some amazing recoveries. But that all does not count. In the end, on this tournaments I need to make points and more important birdies. This is where the money is. It really does not matter if you shoot 99 or 78. If you have 2 birdies in your 99, you can make some money and without a birdie in your 78, you might get the win and a 200 $ certificate. That is nice too, but certainly does not supplement two skins. Naturally I want to play well and ideally a 72. At the same time. What is important is, that you play better then the person before you and that you should birdies for cash. I did not accomplish that. It was a good practice week and even when warming up , I did well. My short game improved and my drive is getting better. There was nothing to see of all of it today. Bad chips, horrible bunker shots and a game without confidence. It is a mental error, not missing ability. I think the best news today was, that after having a hard time to get the ball in this hole in time, I came back on 13 with a nice approach, getting through 14 and 15 in decent fashion, playing a good par at 16, a bogey safe on 17 and a good par on 18. That shows, that even after playing below my ability I was able to get my head together and play all the way to the end of the round. Btw, my putting was good today. Without it, this would have been much harder. The sun got to me yet again and yet not as much as the rounds before. Tomorrow I will be in shape again. Which will lead to 3 hours practice. I am so excited, another few weeks and I am back in full time practice and play. It is time. Until then we need to get the clubs changed, a new bag and probably a couple lessons. But we will get it done. Next on the agenda is Laurel Oaks. One of my favorite courses and I will get ready for it.

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