Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Practice cut short

My plan did not work out today. Thought I will be doing my afternoon session at Manatee Golf Course in Bradenton. When I arrived there at 4 pm I was told , the range is closed. Seems that it is every Wednesday. Funny, I thought it was Monday last time. They do have a good putting green. So I decided to do 90 minutes of putting, which I really need. It was great. Keep working on getting back to my old putting stroke. Problem with that is, that the putter I have now is actually for a pendulum stroke and my putting stroke is based on Jack Nicklaus's set up, which is not such a stroke, at least that is what I think and understand. Well, we will see how it goes. For now I am working with the Putter, but will try others when in the store. Just to find out, how it feels. I worked on 6 and 7 foot putts for the entire time. This is where I lost 10 and 12 strokes the last three rounds, per round that is. Imagine what kind of scores that makes LOL. It went well. Still a little weak when putting uphill, but much more confident on straight putts. It will be a long process to get in the mode I was in some years ago. But , I love to practice and so there is no doubt I will be back. Once done with putting I realized, that Terra Ceia is closed as well and traffic was way to much for Sarasota. So I redid my plan. Went home and took care of some other things I had to do today. I did take my driver and worked with it a little in the yard. Just for the feel. There is so much admin work to be done. Way behind with statistics, play and financial and way behind with websites. But the truth is, it is impossible to do it all by yourself. When in focus for playing, time is not plenty for other things. So first we will delegate the websites. Started looking today, but simply not sure which way to go. Suggestions are welcome. For questions what I am seeking, please send me a message. The greatest thing is my mindset. I am absolutely relaxed and in focus for my task. It is great to have a peaceful mind. This is partly a result of improved environment, but even more a result of my mindset overall. So we are making progress on all fronts. 2 more days and Sarasota City Championship is on. Until then one more day practice and one more practice round. My tee time is 9 24 am on Saturday. 10th tee. That is a huge advantage. I believe, that the back 9 is the easier one. That will give me time to get into rhythm and be warm. Before I play I will warm up at Suncoast Golf Center. They have a fast putting green. So there is the program. I am excited and getting into a good state of mind, which will help me progress faster and in the right direction.

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