Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playing at Bobby Jones preparing for City Championship

Yesterday it was yet another good round of golf. Played at Bobby Jones in Sarasota. The course is not in good shape. That is a draw back. However, it is playable and that is the key . The City Championship starts next weekend I am getting ready for it. Yesterdays round was good. The driver is progressing and my average is moving up . Currently at 260. Longest drive yesterday on a 490 par 5. I had 180 yards to the pin. Unfortunately right of the cart path and sitting in a little divot like setting. My goal was to get it out and towards the green. Landed pin high to chip and finish. Missed my birdie putt though. However, back to the driver. I am setting up differently and according to the hole. Makes a huge difference and I am hitting fairways again. Very satisfying. Just need a little more distance. My shaft seems to be fine. I am not 100 % sure if I should not go with a stiff again. Right now I am playing a regular shaft, but measured in the shop it is more stiff then regular. We will work on it. My driver I love. My 3 wood worked great in the fairway. Used it 2 times and had very good shots there. Almost reached another par 5. but with all the wind we had that was pretty much impossible. So no problem there. Just need to stay on it. Wedges are all good and I am getting more and more accurate with it. The chipping set up starts paying off and I have more control, good spin and can work the ball in all kinds of different ways. Everything from 100 yards in is very good and gets better the more I play and am on the range. Had two bunker shots, which I made bogeys out of it. Could not get a good feel for those bunkers. They are so hard and mostly wet. But that will work out. Just use the LW next week maybe. Putting was ok. Made some good putts and have a good feel. Still not sure if I should go back to my old putter though. After all the main reason I play mine was because I worked for the company. Talking to the pro and reading, I am think I will have to get new clubs. Make it easier on myself. I am still playing the very little blades from McGregor. They look great, feel good, but have no forgiveness and I lose distance with them. So we will work on that after the big tournament. Suggestions are welcome. I am a 7 handicap going lower. By the end of summer I will be 2 for sure. So according to that , open for suggestions on clubs. I am open to learn. In todays world, the best equipment is not what sounds best, but what works best. So bring it on. The next 3 days are relaxing, reflecting, planning. Back on the range Tuesday. But I am sure I have some thoughts to share.

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