Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Laurel Oak Country Club with West Florida Golf Tour

Yesterday we played a stableford tournament at the above country club. One of the nicest courses around. After putting more work into my game using video and practicing on improving certain aspects, I was determined to accomplish certain goals. 1. No double bogey . 2. 5 birdies 3. If in the sand, save it 4. hit fairways 5. reach at least 1 par 5 in 2 6 Avoid penalties and if I get one , get a bogey out of it. Course management was pretty high on my list. Play the course. Get around save and set myself up with some opportunities. 1. I had 1 double bogey. Of all holes it was on 17 where I hit a good shot with my 6 iron, but simply was to much aiming towards the pin. A shot to the middle would have easily be ok. So I ended up in the bunker. My bunker shot was not bad. I hit it towards the upslope of the green and just was 3 yards to long. Which caused a problem. My back spin was good, but it got stuck in the rough. That called for a very tough downhill chip with not much room to work with. I tried to land that on the fringe and came up 4 feet short and the ball stopped. I two putted from there. I did a good job of avoiding those double, but that was a tough one to take. Really simple mistake and then lacking experience. 2. I was putting for more then those 5 birdies. 2 of them less then 8 feet. Yet, I was not able to convert them. Leaving the majority short !!! right on line to the center. I guess I should have checked the speed when I started. However, overall, I had plenty of opportunity to do it and that in itself was very positive. 3. I only had 1 bunker shot. It was a good shot, but I could not save par. 4. Certainly I hit fairways. As a matter of fact , I only missed 4 of them. Now that is what I call good driving. Had good distance and was pretty accurate. The par 5s were easy. I drove the ball nicely. Even on the short par 4s I took out my driver instead of the 3 wood and played a safety shot so I could get a shot at the green with a high lofted iron. 5. I reached number 9 with in 8 yards. Not that biggest shots, but I was right there and a little more left it would have run down the side hill on the green. A great second shot. It played at abou5 495 and I had 210 to the center of the green. so that was satisfying in my mind as it is a narrow fairway towards the green. All other par 5s I had a good drive, but actually did not go for it. There was one particular one where I had 230 to the middle of the green after a 290 yard drive. But it was all water in front of the green. Literally flying water. So I went back to my double bogey goal and set myself up for a birdie instead. Good decision. 6 I had 1 penalty. Strange one it was. Again I had water to my right hand side and about 158 to the pin, which was placed right back of the green close to the front bunker and water in front of the bunker. My goal was to hit a shot to the middle of the green and putt uphill , getting a par out of it. Unfortunately I set up to far right and my shot looked good, but landed on the down slope. We all thought it was in the bunker. But getting there I discovered, it was not. This confirmed, that the ball rolled in the water. Since I did not see it, I took a drop. Facing a very interesting shot. A deep bunker in front of me, pin about 5 yards beyond the bunker and fringe, up hill lie, deep rough and no stands. I figured , if I can get my LW under it and give it a shot, it will be safely on the green. Best if I can save another bogey. I hit a great shot and it rolled within 5 inches, giving me a bogey yet again out of nothing. Almost holed it LOL. Coming in on 18 I had yet another opportunity for a birdie which stopped 1 inch in front of the hole yet again. But I gladly took the par on it. I was very pleased. My score of 85 was not exactly the big winner. However, I accomplished my goals and played nicely . Nice course management. When you look back at the putts I missed plus some of the wrong club selections I made, you can easily see another 10 strokes going away. So we are back on track. Working on a better set up for my drive and iron shots starts paying off after a huge downfall. The video work we did certainly was a big winner. Glad that I have a trainings partner helping, this is something we need to do all the time. Only thing we will add will be the swing analyzer for the range. I still have no idea about my club head speed progress and my swing plane as well as attack angle. It is true I could go to a track man session and get the info, work and go back. But why pay 120 $ for one session every months if I can get accurate reading for 199 one time and keep getting them? But first, today back on the range and work on short game. Huge improvement and I need to work harder. Even more now then before I am determined. I am excited an can not wait to get the clubs in my hand.

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