Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is bgreat when you worked hard and finally get results

Yesterday we played the skins group at Bobby Jones golf course. For weeks now I am working on my new chips, pitches and drives. Hundreds of balls, hours and hours and my game went the other way constantly. A tough test for your mindset. But yesterday I finally was able to get some of it done. With , in my mind a dozen really bad shots and putts, I was able to get a 80 out of it. But let us review the round. My drives were great. As a matter of fact. I was putting it out there 250 to 280 yards. Only one bad drive I can account for. This one hurt and cost me 2 strokes. I hit it in the water. On top, after my shot after the drop I had the feeling that I cleared it, but , there was a big gator exactly where I went with my ball. I opted to stay away and move on. After all, that was not a round for 1 million $. I went to finish with par and bogey, so I was able to just forget it. My new stands and my should set up works great and I make much better contact with the ball. It feels better, looks better and my margin of error is much lower. So I keep working on this one. My chipping was great. With my new set up, per STeve Stricker, I am able to get much more spin into the shot and it is easier to judge distance. Had some great spin shots, stopping the ball close to the pin, giving myself a chance to hole it out, which I did. Only 1 really bad shot I had with that chip, after a situation we had on a par 5 were a player in the group moved behind the flag while I was chipping for eagle, after hitting two great shots into a par 5. I was not able to settle down for 2 holes , which cost me another 3 strokes. Because of the bad ship I ended up with bogey on a par 5 and missed a birdie putt on 15 after a huge drive and a wedge in. But it is my fault. I simple could not block the situation fast enough. I was able to do so after 16. Hitting another great chip to the pin for inches and a par and finishing with a huge drive on 18, a 7 iron into the wind close to the pin and getting a birdie. So I am able to block and reset and move on. That is exciting. I am just sad about the stretch in between. The great news is, that it did not result in a double bogey or worse. That is the key. Greatest shot of the day was on par 3 number 12. I hit my hybrid into a hazard ditch, sitting in and under about 4 inch grass, my stands being the left food in the ditch and the right food above me to the right. I opted for a sand wedge thinking if I can punch it out towards the green I have a good chance to save bogey. With plenty of focus I was able to put it on the green , giving myself a chance for par, which I missed by little and got my bogey. That was a great shot and I felt that the short game practice paid off. I have 2 days to get prepared for Monday at The Founders Club. My main focus will be short game and a few drivers. I feel very comfortable with all other clubs to move the ball. All I need to do is get within 130 yards of every hole to get close to the pin. So there is a game plan for all holes. I am excited and my mind is 100 % on golf.

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