Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Full time golf practice starts today

Today is a great day. Today I will start full time to work on my game and on my task and mission. 6 hours of practice are on the agenda. Starting with short game. It is 6 30 am . Coffee first. I am a little tired. 45 is different then 25, that is for sure. But I am determined to get in the mode. My days will look different from here on. When I was thinking golf before. I am not thinking more golf! On the list this morning is shots around the green. Chipping, lob shots, pitching and some specialty shots from side hill lies. I might get to some bunker shots. We will see. I have 3 days to prepare for the City Championship in Sarasota. This will be the last tournament with my little old blades. We will go for new equipment there after. I am excited about the plan, the journey and life in general. That in itself should be of great help to get the job done. First, coffee and just getting awake and ready.

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