Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day trip with practice in Ft. Myers

There is always a time where you need to get away. Even when you live in Florida, time away from home and office is crucial to stay relaxed and in focus. The good news is, we only need to go a few miles and be in a different World. While spending a day in Ft. Myers, I went out to Daniels Driving Range ( see reviews about it on Google + and our website Goal yesterday was to work on my head position. Many of my miss hits , if you an call them that, are a direct result of being out of sequence. When I am at the top of my back swing and start my swing, my head is slightly ahead of the club head actually getting to the ball and turning towards target. This makes me hit fat shots and not working the ball as I actually can work it. We started with a 45 yard approach shot using a SW to warm up. Working on this shot is a crucial element, as I am short on long par 4s at times and the distance 45 and lower comes into play. It looked all good but inconsistent. I had a practice partner with me , so we could evaluate it and again it is my head moving to early and out of my sequence. We did an old drill. While I was setting up my partner held a club on my head with the goal to not get detached of the club when executing the shot. Did that a couple times and had good shots. Then without and we were back in rhythm. I will continue working on that with all clubs. Next we did LW shots for the high lob approach on fast greens over bunkers etc. They all looked good and solid. Second part was reserved for the driver yet again. Short warm up with target shooting 100 yards and 35 yards as well as some irons for 150. Few hybrids, which worked out good and then to the driver. I had one single miss hit and that would have been in the FW for sure. Widening my stance, right shoulder a little more down, hands a little more forward. Very different from my original set up. But it works well. I am gaining distance and am hitting straighter then before. Exactly what I am working on. So we continue working on that. Tomorrow we are back to Bobby Jones Golf and I am very much looking forward to that. I am ready, have good feel and the driver seems to come along. Looks like the down time is coming to an end and the transition into a new game will work out great. Next Monday we will be playing my favorite course, The Founders Club and I am ready for it. If in rhythm, confident in my swing and a good mindset, I think I will be moving towards golf which I played long time ago. Not that I expect miracles, but improvement. It is not pretty to shoot in high 80s :) , but when working on progress, set backs are expected.

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